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Around the Borough

(1/2011) The Carroll Valley Borough Council voted during the borough meeting on Dec. 14 to set the borough’s millage rate at 1.7463 mils. While this is a reduction from the current 8 mils, the new rate has been set to yield the same amount of revenue from a house based on its new assessment as the 8 mil rate yielded on the old assessment values.

Commissioners support county public-access station

The Carroll Valley Borough voted to support an effort led by the commissioners of New Oxford to create a new county-wide public, educational and governmental (PEG) cable station. One argument for the station, which would essentially be an expansion of ACTV, is that it could be used to broadcast county wide emergency information and reach more people than ACTV. ACTV is a county video network that streams videos of county and municipal meetings as well as programming with other county agencies like the art council and the SPCA.

The other element of the support is that Comcast would fund the station under federal franchising regulations for cable companies that requires funding for PEG stations. The New Oxford commissioners will represent the county municipalities in the negotiations with Comcast.

Council seeks advice on hunting on borough land

The Carroll Valley Commissioners are going to have the borough’s planning commission and public safety commission review an ordinance for uses on borough-owned land. A borough resident requested during the borough meeting on Dec. 14 that he be allowed to bow hunt on a large parcel of property that the borough owns.

Though acknowledging that there have been problems with allowing hunting on borough land in the past, some on the council thought that limited hunting might have some merit. Also, Carroll Valley currently allows passive recreation uses on borough land.

The council decided to refer the request to the planning commission and public safety commission to hear their recommendations before taking any action on the matter.

New officer welcomed and police officer promoted

Carroll Valley Police Chief Richard Hileman, III, introduced the borough council to its newest police officer, Dustin Miller, during the Dec. 14 borough meeting. Hileman also officially promoted Det. Cliff Weikert to the rank of corporal. Weikert will serve as Hileman’s second-in-command.

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