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From the Desk of Carroll Valley Mayor Ron

(Aug, 2010) Hope you had the opportunity to attend the July 4th Celebration held in Carroll Valley Commons. It was definitely a success with approximately 1,000 people in attendance during the day and another 1,000 at night. In the evening, everyone was treated to a spectacular 25 minute fireworks display on top of Ski Liberty mountain. All of this could not have been accomplished without the involvement and participation of many volunteers, organizations and businesses. I would personally like to thank the members of the July 4th (J4) Planning Group who planned and managed the event.

They are Charles Dalton, George Fisanich. Joe Hallinan, Ayse Jester, Bob Jester, Mandra Jester, Mary Ellen Jester, Gayle Marthers, Larry Noel, Melvin Losovsky, Marie Schwartz, Jason Shay, Tim Skoczen, and Jay Stroup. Special thanks go to our Carroll Valley Municipal Service (MS) crew for preparing the Commons for the event. The members of the MS crew are: Steve Fitez, Bruce Pecher, Jack Ringler, Donnie Shaffer, Sterling Shuyler, Terry Weikert, and Jeff Wise.

Thank you to our major sponsors Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc., the Borough of Carroll Valley and Liberty Mountain Resort and Conference Center. Without their sponsorship, we would not have any fireworks. Wish to also thank our event sponsors Bochanan Auto Park Inc. and Buchanan Automotive, School Safaris Inc and especially Comcast for sponsoring the kids rides.

I appreciate the work performed and funds raised by the Carroll Valley Citizens Association through their annual Golf Classic and the J4 Planning Group for helping out with the raffle. When saying thanks, you always run the risk of missing someone. Well, the J4 Group is in the process of collecting all the names of the volunteers that helped make our 2010 July 4th Celebration a success. We plan to post the names on the July 4th Celebration website ( created by Ayse Jester. You can see the day's pictures on the website or at Special thanks to my co-chair, Gayle Marthers and the Borough staff.

About six months ago, one of the residents asked me if there was any chance that the bus service that is in Gettysburg would ever come down to Carroll Valley. Discussed the idea with area residents, there may be need that could be satisfied by extending bus service down to our area. Many said they would use the bus to go shopping, to go to a medical appointment, go to HACC, go to work or to take their bicycle to go riding in the Gettysburg National Military Park. Naturally, I asked "Why not use the car?" The answer was the price of gas, don't like to drive unless I have too, I don't have a license yet, I have been told not to drive because of the meds I am taking, and I am staying at the hotel and would rather take a bus and not worry about parking. Whatever the reason, there seems to be groups who would use the bus service.

Based on this information, I contacted the surrounding municipalities and asked if they were interested in the bus extension proposal. The response was a overwhelming YES! With the consent of the municipalities, the idea was presented and Rich Farr, who is the Executive Director of Adams County Transit Authority (ACTA), thought it was an idea worth investigating. By the way, the bus service in Gettysburg charges $3.00 for an all day pass, transfers are free, children 5 and under ride free, and sixty-five (65) years of age or older ride free. Not a bad deal.

After two meetings, we came to the conclusion that we needed to collect ridership data. There is a need to document how many people are truly interested in the bus service. On Wednesday, July 15th ACTA launched a new survey targeted to commuters who live and travel through Carroll Valley along route 116 to the Gettysburg area. "The survey isn't just for the individuals who live on route 116 as we are looking more regional to include the municipalities of Fairfield, Hamiltonban, Highland, Cumberland, Liberty and even as far way as Emmitsburg," stated Rich Farr.

Riders traveling daily between these areas are encouraged to provide feedback in the survey, which outlines topics ranging from van-pooling to bus service. If you are interested in the possibility of having bus service in our area, please take the survey. To take the survey, visit and follow the link. If you do not have a computer, go to your municipality office and a paper survey will be provided. When you finish completing the survey return it and the data will be entered for you. We have this opportunity but you must take the survey so that we can better understand your need. The survey will close on August 15, 2010. We need to plan for the future now. If you have any questions please contact me at or (301) 606-2021.

Here are some short notes. At the July Borough Council meeting, the FY2011 Budget Timeline was briefed to council with meeting dates of October 11th, October 19th , October 26th and November 9th . Why are these dates important? Because these are the times you can participate and see how your money is being spent to provide your services. Everyone is always welcome. Have you heard that St. Catherine's Nursing Center in Emmitsburg will be opening a 16-bed assisted living unit in October 2010. Applications are now being accepted. Contact Sue Osterman at (301) 447-7007 for more information.

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