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Around the Borough

James Rada Jr.
News Correspondent

(2/10) The first official act of the newest Adams County judge Tom Campbell, the former Carroll Valley Borough attorney, was to swear in Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris for another term in office. Harris then swore in borough councilmen John Van Volkenburgh, Dan Patton and Ken Lundberg, who were re-elected last November. Volkenburgh will still continue to serve as the council president and Patton will continue as the council vice-president.

Police calls in 2009

The Carroll Valley Police responded to 2,142 calls for service in 2009, up 19.3 percent over 2008. The top five types of calls were assisting other police agencies, information, thefts (not active), medical calls and traffic calls. Of the 2,142 calls, 130 were serious enough to be considered Part I crimes in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. This represented more than a 20 percent increase in the UCR Part I crimes for the borough.

"I noticed our crime averages are tracking below the state average and Carroll Valley is a very safe place to live," said Borough Councilman Bill Reinke.

Volunteers sought

Carroll Valley is seeking residents who would be willing to serve on the borough's planning commission. The commission helps the borough council plan for growth in the borough and how to serve it. They also consider zoning issues in the borough.

Volunteers are also being sought to serve on the Fairfield Regional Emergency Management Agency (FREMA). The regional group helps plan for multi-agency responses to area emergencies.

Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris said that experience is not necessary, "We have a lot of people more than willing to help you learn."

Anyone interested in serving with these organizations should contact the Carroll Valley Borough office at (717) 642-8269.

Ambulance calls in 2009

Fairfield Ambulance responded to 781 calls in 2009. This is up 15 percent, according to Carroll Valley Councilman Neal Abrams, who serves as the council liaison with Fairfield Fire and Rescue Service. Of the ambulance calls, 282 were in Carroll Valley, which is an increase of 36 over 2008. Abrams noted that many of those calls were at Ski Liberty.

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