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Around the Borough

(Oct, 2010) The Carroll Valley Borough Council is looking at its policy of licensing door-to-door solicitations to see if there is a way to strengthen it.

The borough office received numerous complaints this summer about a particular salesman who was connected to a child sex offender. Though the salesman himself wasnít an offender, he was driving a car owned by a child sex offender. What concerned some people is that the salesman had been licensed by the borough.

Carroll Valley Police Chief Richard Hileman II told the council members that one advantage of the licensing policy is that it allows the police to have the salesperson leave the borough if they donít have a license. Borough Manager Dave Hazlett said another benefit is that the borough has information about the salesman if there is a problem.

Council members quickly realized that if measures were taken to tighten up the policy it could wind up excluding worthwhile non-profit solicitations. Councilman Ken Lundberg said that the easiest way to stop solicitors was for residents to place "No Soliciting" signs in their yards.

Cell phone update

T-Mobile is now providing cell-phone service in the Carroll Valley area with equipment on the cell phone towers in Fairfield Borough behind the fire department and Liberty Township on Steelman Marker Road. T-Mobile joins Sprint, Nextel, AT&T and Verizon in providing cell phone service to Southern Adams County.

Bus survey update

The survey to see if there was interest in extending bus service from Gettysburg to Carroll Valley is complete and 63 surveys were completed, according to Mayor Ron Harris. He said of the surveys he looked at the respondents thought it would be a good idea. The Adams County Transit Authority will now review the surveys and decide whether or not to proceed with extending service.

Volunteers needed

The Carroll Valley Borough Council is seeking volunteers to fill openings on the following committees: the Board of Health, Finance Committee, Sewer and Water Authority,

Parks and Recreation Committee and the Zoning Hearing Board. The council also unanimously voted to appoint John Davis to the Civil Service Commission.

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