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Around the Borough

(11/1) Lock your car doors

Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris says that crimes of opportunity are on the rise in the borough. These crimes involve residents leaving their cars unlocked. Thieves notice the unlocked vehicles, enter the cars, take items that in the vehicle and leave.

"We have seen some more activity than usual," Harris said.

To protect against this, the easiest thing residents can do is to simply roll the windows up and lock the doors in their vehicles.

Illegal hunting

As different hunting seasons come and go, residents should be on the watch for illegal hunting. Hunters will sometimes come into the borough and see deer and hunt them, but hunting is illegal within the borough's boundaries.

Some members of the Carroll Valley Borough Council have had problems with illegal hunters on their property.

Councilman Ken Lundberg said he had at least five instances of illegal hunting on his property last year. "I'm very tired of finding arrows stuck in the side of my building."

The concern is that by hunting that close to residences if the shot misses the deer, it could hit a resident. If residents see hunters hunting within the borough, they should call police.

Leaf disposal

Residents of Carroll Valley Borough have three options for disposing of leaves this fall. The leaves can be taken to the Washington Township Transfer Station and dumped. They can also be dumped within the borough at the Ranch Section. Leaves dumped at these locations can be in bags unless they are biodegradable bags.

Leaves can also be burned within the borough, but precautions need to be taken. Leaves can be burned from dawn to dusk and must be under constant supervision while they are burning. The fire cannot be within 50 feet of a building or a road right of way. You must also obtain a permit from the Adams County Department of Emergency Services before burning the leaves. Call 334-8101 for a permit.

Cell phones

Residents in the area should finally be getting cell phone reception with the activation of the new cell phone towers in Liberty Township and Fairfield Borough. The towers were expected to go active at the end of October.

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