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 March Edition of the Save Our Liberty Newsletter

It may seem like a quiet time, but much has been going on concerning Liberty Valley and other development and zoning issues. Read on for the update, and please note several important dates below, some coming up very fast.

March 2 Liberty Township Supervisors Meeting 7:30 p.m., Township Offices, 39 Topper Rd.

  1. The supervisors will be discussing whether to accept or reject Wally Crum's proposed PRD, which includes 500 homes across Crum Road from the Wormald's proposed Liberty Valley PRD. The supervisors can, if they so decide, invoke the pending ordinance doctrine and reject it.
  2. The supervisors will be discussing the new zoning ordinance.
  3. The supervisors will not be discussing the Liberty Valley PRD, but they may set a date for the publicly advertised meeting at which they will make their decision. They have until March 22 or 23 to make a decision.

Sol's Legal Brief and List of Conditions Susan Smith, SOL's legal counsel, delivered her Liberty Valley PRD brief to the supervisors, and is working on the rebuttal to Wormald's brief. The legal work will continue for many months, for if the supervisors decide to reject the PRD, Wormald has the right to appeal to the court.

In case the supervisors do not reject the PRD, Susan has prepared a list of recommended conditions that the supervisors should impose if they decide to "approve with conditions."

Have You Expressed Your Concerns? If you did not speak at the public hearings and have not written to the supervisors expressing your concerns about the Wormald PRD, write now before the supervisors make their decision. Submit it at the beginning of March. The Liberty Township Board of Supervisors mailing address is 39 Topper Rd., Fairfield PA 17320.

Get Ready for the Yard Sale! SOL has fundraising events planned for 2004 (and thank you to all who supported SOL so generously in 2003!). The first 2004 event is the Lawn Sale & Auction during Memorial Day weekend at 450 Pecher Road. Collect all of those great items that you no longer need and donate them to SOL! If you are in town, please consider volunteering at the sale. More info to come.

Notecards Picturing Our Beautiful Valley Even the snow looks beautiful in Liberty Township, especially when you see it in the gorgeous photographic notecards local resident Ann Ruppert has created. They are for sale at Callie's Collectibles in Fairfield and at Gallery 30 in Gettysburg.

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