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 Liberty township denies approval for new development in Fairfield

Save of Liberty Committee

(3/16/04) Today, the Liberty Township Supervisors rendered their decision in respect of the Wormald Companiesí Liberty Valley PRD application and denied the proposal.

In a two-part decision the Supervisory Board concluded that:

  1. PRDs are not uses allowed in Liberty Township, having been repealed in 1985 when the Zoning Ordinance was amended
  2. If the above finding is not upheld by the Courts, the PRD application, as submitted, was denied on the basis that it failed in many ways to comply with the requirements applicable to a PRD, and did not conform with the Township Ordinance nor the Comprehensive Plan.

We are pleased that the Township Supervisors voted to deny the PRD application; their decision is very gratifying.

The developer is expected to appeal the decision and the appeal has to be made within thirty days to the Court of Common Pleas in Gettysburg, which could agree to hear the appeal in the next sixty to ninety days.

Save Our Liberty will continue to be active in future legal actions related to this case, and Susan Smith and the law firm of Reager & Adler will continue to represent our organization.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our cause. Many individuals and groups have given generously of time, organizational skills, expertise in various areas, as well as funds in support of SOLís efforts. Citizen action groups like ours demonstrate democracy in action and of this we should all be proud.

To Susan Smith in particular, our thanks for representing the people of Liberty Township and so effectively presenting our case.

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