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New Citizens' Group Formed in Response to Proposed Liberty Subdivision Near Fairfield

More than 50 concerned citizens recently created a community organization, Save Our Liberty, in response to a proposed 1,140-home subdivision in Liberty Township. The development would be located in the southwestern part of Adams County just outside of Fairfield and near the Maryland border. At the next Liberty Township supervisors' meeting on August 5, Save Our Liberty will ask the supervisors to reject the subdivision plan as too population dense.

The Save Our Liberty group will also request the supervisors to approve the new revised zoning ordinances that are now ready for adoption. The group believes that these new community development standards should be the basis for any growth within the township.

The new zoning ordinances reflect the Adams County Comprehensive Plan recommendations that growth in this area consist of agriculture and low-density housing.

In addition to concerns about preserving the area's environment and quality of life, Save Our Liberty cites concerns that taxes will rise significantly due to the number of housing units planned. The Fairfield Middle School and High School are already at capacity, which means that a new school would need to be financed and built. There would be increased traffic on the rural roads caused by 1,140 new residences, vast amounts of scarce water resources would be taken and a great deal of on-site infrastructure support would need to be provided.

The Save Our Liberty grass roots effort sought the help of Adams County Citizens Alliance in preparing to challenge this proposed development. ACCA is a countywide group that helps citizens and local governments defend the rural character of their communities. The first step is citizen awareness.

Save Our Liberty urges fellow citizens to attend the Liberty Township Supervisors' meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 5, at 7:30 p.m. to learn more about the proposed subdivision and its relationship to the pending zoning ordinance changes. The meeting will be held at the township office, 39 Topper Road, Fairfield, PA 17320.

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