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Hearings on Liberty Valley Continue

If you are concerned about the proposed Liberty Valley development, please come--and tell your neighbors to come--to the public hearings that will continue on Dec. 9, 15 and 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairfield Fire Hall on Steelman St. (one block off of Main Street in Fairfield). Water and traffic experts begin presenting their findings on Dec. 9, which should raise several important issues.

Hearings on Liberty Valley began on Nov. 24. At that first session, Save Our Liberty attorney Susan Smith questioned Ed Wormald on the marketing studies done for Liberty Valley, the ages of those expected to purchase the homes, who would be responsible for maintaining Liberty Valley facilities, how nearby farms would be protected, and when the commercial center and playgrounds would be completed.

She questioned Peter Joyce of Gannett Fleming (Wormald's engineering firm) on what studies were performed to create the plan. She also asked for details on landscaping, including screening and buffers, as well as details on how the plan would affect wetlands and how it would prevent stormwater runoff from exceeding the usual flow of streams. According to Joyce, most of those details will be shown later in the final plan that is prepared if this tentative plan is accepted.

Township supervisors must finish the hearings (including time to hear all witnesses and take public comment) and then decide whether to deny the plan, attach conditions or accept it as is. Even if accepted as is, the plan must still meet PennDOT and DEP state permitting requirements.

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