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  Wormald Requests Postponement of Public Hearings on the Community of Liberty

The Wormald Company of Frederick, Md., has requested a continuance of the public hearing on its proposed development in Liberty Township near Fairfield, Pa. The hearing will not be held as scheduled on Monday and Tuesday, September 22 and 23.

In a letter to Liberty Township Solicitor Walton Davis on Wednesday, September 17, Wormald cited land title issues as the reason for the request. The developer requested time to further investigate a title issue that has been identified and, if possible, enter into negotiations with an adjoining property owner to clear the issue. The attorney for an area citizens' group and adjoining property owners had questioned earlier in the hearing whether Wormald did, indeed, own all of the property in the 710-acre development plan.

Both the Adams County Planning Commission and the Liberty Township Planning Commission have recommended that the plan be denied because it is not in keeping with the region's comprehensive plan. Concerns were also expressed about the environmental and community impacts, traffic, sewage plans and stormwater management plans. The final decision rests with the three township supervisors.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the hearing will continue on September 29 and 30 or not.

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