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Public Fact-Sharing Meeting on Proposed Liberty Development to Be Held

On Wednesday, August 27, at 7 p.m., local citizens and community leaders will present the results of their community impact research on the proposed 1,140-home Community of Liberty development in southern Adams County, Pa. The meeting will be held in the Fairfield Fire Hall at 108 Steelman Street, Fairfield, Pa.

The Adams County Citizens Alliance will act as moderator for the meeting. ACCA is a citizens group that has a number of ongoing projects that focus on helping citizens in Adams County become aware of the changes in their communities and how they can become involved in the process of making decisions affecting their future.

"ACCA generally does not take a position on individual citizens' issues," explained Gil Pringle, ACCA director. "Our role is solely to help citizens understand their options and learn how to go about influencing the outcome. The August 27 meeting offers a forum for citizens to gain more information and discuss the Liberty development so they are better able to contribute at public township meetings."

The August 27 meeting will include:

  • An explanation of the plan review process and new zoning update process by a member of the Liberty Township Planning Commission
  •  A brief orientation overview of the proposed "Community of Liberty" development
  •  A school impact report by a representative from the Fairfield Area School District
  • An environmental impact report by a representative of the Adams County Conservation District
  • A fire, police, and emergency services impact report on the Liberty Township police force and the Fairfield and Emmitsburg fire departments
  • An overview of compliance of the proposal with applicable township ordinances; and a discussion of the impacts of the development on surrounding land uses, water, sewer, traffic and demographics by Dick Schmoyer, director of the Adams County Office of Planning and Development

A grassroots citizens group, Save Our Liberty, is assisting with the meeting. Save Our Liberty is working for responsible development in Liberty Township by generating relevant data to assist Liberty Township supervisors in reviewing all development proposals, including the Wormald Company's proposal for the Community of Liberty.

Officers from Liberty Township and neighboring municipalities, as well as the developer and landowners, have been invited to the public meeting. For more information, please contact the ACCA at 717-337-2280 or visit

For more information, contact Save Our Liberty at 717-642-5156 or please email

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