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Blanchard & Mellor elected to board of commissioners

(10/2) Two vacant seats on the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners were filled in the October 1 town election, one seat being filled by a former commissioner and the second filled by a first time board member.

Elected by town voters were former Commissioner Glenn E. Blanchard and Jennifer L. Mellor, who were sworn into office by Mayor Donald Briggs at the board of commissioners’ October 7 meeting.

Following the administration of the oath of office, Blanchard thanked his supporters and stated that he “appreciated the opportunity to work for the Town of Emmitsburg again.”

Mellow stated, “I would like to thank everyone who came out ad voted, especially those who voted for me.”

Blanchard was initially elected to the board of commissioners in 2005. In February of this year, he resigned his seat on the board “due to ongoing health issues.” Former Mayor James E. Hoover was appointed to serve the remainder of Blanchard’ term.

Mellor was the only candidate among four running who has not previously served on the board of commissioners, but has served on the town parks and Recreation Committee. Prior to her serving on the town committee, she served as the program director for the Westminster Recreation and Activities Department.

The seats filled represent three-year terms, and were those preoccupied prior to the election by Hoover, finishing out Blanchard’s vacated term, and Patrick Joy.

Hoover chose not to run to retain his appointed seat in this year’s election.

Incumbent Joy did run, but failed to secure reelection to his seat on the board. Joy was elected to his first term on the board in 2010, and a victory would have represented his second term as a commissioner.

A fourth candidate, former Commissioner Joyce A. Rosensteel, also failed to acquire a seat on the board. Rosensteel, who had served as a commissioner since 2002, was defeated in the same election in which Blanchard was initially elected.

Six candidates had filed to run for election to the board in this election, but two of those, Rosario Benvengi and former Commissioner Denise Eileen Etris, withdrew before the election as held.

The election results were as follows:

- Glenn E. Blanchard, 124;
- Jennifer Mellor, 103;
- Patrick Joy, 84; and
- Joyce Rosensteel, 43.

Town Clerk Donna DesPres said that 185 voters cast their votes in this year’s town election. There are 1,715 registered in Emmitsburg, she stated.

The position of mayor and one seat on the board of commissioners will be up for election during next years’ town election to be held on September 30, DesPres said.

Commission members are compensated $4,000 annually. The mayoral position, which is not up for reelection, is compensated at $8,000 annually.

Two elected to board of commissioners

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