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Vigilant holds 128th Awards Banquet

(1/8) Emmitsburg-based Vigilant Hose Company held its 128th Annual Awards Banquet January 7 at the Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg.

The fire company swore-in its new officers for 2012, and recognized a number of firefighters and members for their longevity of service and contributions to the department.

Chief A. Frank Davis, who presided over the evening’s program, said, "This has been a great year for us. We have people who have (contributed) thousands of hours in making the doors go up and the equipment go. It’s this group of people who keep surprising me. We’ve got something special here."

The following officers for 2012 were sworn-in by Clarence Jewell, bureau chief of the Frederick County Department of Emergency Communications:

Administrative Officers: Timothy M. Clarke, president; Arthur Damuth, vice president; Steven W. Valentine, secretary; Thomas Vaughn, assistant secretary; Steven M. Hollinger, treasurer; and William D. Boyd, Jr., assistant treasurer.

Board of Directors: John A. Glass, John S. Hollinger, Randy Myers, Douglas D. Orner, and Carl A. White

Line Officers: A. Frank Davis, chief; James E. Click, deputy chief; Christopher A. Stahley, assistant chief; Christopher Ryder, captain; Keith Hurtt, lieutenant; Bob Rosensteel, Jr., lieutenant; and Chad M. Umbel, lieutenant.

Fire Police: Paul Krietz, captain; Samuel B. Cool, 1st lieutenant; and Stephen Orndorff, 2nd lieutenant.

Auxiliary Officer: Shirley Little, president; Diana Hoover, vice president; Jo Ann Boyd, treasurer; Joyce E. Glass, secretary; Mandy Ryder, financial secretary; and Shannon Cool, historian.

The following individuals were recognized for their longevity of service: John Hoyle and Charles Stuart, five years; Chris Ryder, 10 years; Paul Krietz, 15 years; Frank Rauschenberg, 20 years; John Glass, Bob Rosensteel, Jr., and Dave Vaughn, Sr., 25 years; Hugh Boyle and Steve Hollinger, 30 years; Herb Click, Jr., 35 years; Larry Glass, 40 years; Mike Orndorff and Roland Sanders, 45 years; Patrick Boyle, 50 years; John Hollinger, 65 years; and Tom Hoke, 70 years.

Top responders for 2011 recognized were: Cliff Shriner, 394 calls; Alex McKenna, 252 calls; Ken Shoemaker, 233 calls; Josh Brotherton, 222 calls; Dale Fogle, 197 calls; Jason Powell, 171 calls; Randy Myers, 168 calls, Matt Volchansky, 162 calls; John Javor, 150 calls; and Chris McKenna, 149 calls.

Top fire police responders recognized were: Sam Cool, 269 calls; Monroe Hewitt, 222 calls; and Paul Krietz, 147 calls.

Other individuals recognized included: Top LOSAP participants; Alex McKenna for training hours logged; Steve Hollinger, president’s award; and Josh Brotherton, chief’s award.

In addition, Cliff Shriner was named for inclusion on the company’s Hall of Fame.

The fire department was also presented with two donations at the banquet, including a check for $20,000 presented by the Emmitsburg Memorial Canteen Club and a check for $45,000 presented by the Vigilant Hose Company Auxiliary.

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