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Town takes on speeding in Brookfield

(11/10) In the interest of reducing speed within one of the several Emmitsburg housing developments, the town Board of Commissioners approved the installation of a speed bump at their November 5 meeting.

Board of commissioner members had been approached by at least one resident to install a permanent speed bump on Huntley Circle in Brookfield, one of two loop roads in the development.

Town Manager David Haller said, "We know the spot (in question). We put a temporary one in for about three years."

One Commissioner said, "The only concern I would have is, I would like an opportunity to talk to the neighbors (on Huntley Circle)," and to be "certain emergency response folks are on board with it too (although) I donít think itís an issue (with emergency response times)."

Regarding any concerns residents on the circle might have, Commissioner Christopher V. Stagier said, "I donít think weíve gotten any complaints about the temporary speed bumps. Thereís a fair number of houses on that street and itís been at least two summers (the temporary speed bump has been used)."

Based on lack of complaints received in the two or three years the temporary speed bump has been employed, Staiger said, "I donít see any reason not to (install a permanent one)."

"Thereís a perceptual issue of (the town) putting speed bumps everywhere," he stated. "We sort of agreed (previously) to put the temporarily ones in" where it was felt speed bumps should go in the past.

Haller said a permanent speed bump would cost about "$750 to $800."

The town recently installed a speed bump on Depaul Street. The permanent speed bumps tend to be a little smaller than the temporary ones, he noted. "We can plow over it, but you donít want to drive over it rapidly."

Haller indicated the staff could get the speed bump installed soon. "Iíll try and get it done this fall."

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