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Briggs files to run against Hoover for Mayor

(9/1) Emmitsburg businessman Don Briggs is running to replace Mayor Jim Hoover in the Sept. 27 town election. Briggs has a list of things that he believes the town needs and is not receiving under the current administration.

Included in his list of improvements is a government that not only encourages resident input, but listens to it. "People need to feel comfortable that government is addressing their concerns," Briggs said. He is also determined to bring better focus and leadership to the town, and reassure its residents that the town is a safe place to work and live.

Briggs is committed to serving both the elderly and youth communities of Emmitsburg, a commitment he feels is not being met by current administration.

"A lot of people ask me why the town is so anti-business," says Briggs, "which must change." Briggs will spend the efforts necessary to improving infrastructure around town, including Main Street, the Square and implementing and improving sidewalks and trails between the housing developments and downtown.

According to Briggs, a reduction to the cost of government is need in this town. "This canít be done at the expense of cutting back on safety," Briggs said.

Briggs feels the best way to accomplish these things is as the mayor. "The direction comes from the mayor," Briggs said. "Approval comes from the council."

For his part, Hoover said he is a proven, professional leader who is running for his fourth term as mayor. He says that as mayor, he has helped the town budget go from a true deficit to a solid "rainy day fund." Both actions have been done without raising taxes in nearly a decade.

Though some people are upset that the town council reduced the number of community deputies, Hoover said his original budget kept three deputies and used the rainy day fund to pay the difference, but the council chose to reduce the budget to close the funding gap. "I donít like the fact that we lost a deputy," Hoover said. "But I understand what the council did and I supported it from their view that it was a budget issue."

Hoover doesnít understand how it can be said that the town is anti-business. He points to issues like the sign ordinance when the council delayed voting on the issue so that it could go back to the Planning Commission to incorporate input from the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association, which then supported the bill. Other business helps include eliminating the parking requirement in the town village zone and the water and service surcharge on business.

"I can stand on the improvements that have been made to the town since Iíve been mayor," Hoover said.

For More Information about Don Brigs and his positions visit "Don Briggs for Mayor" on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @DonBriggs4Mayor. For more information of Jim Hoover and his positions visit Candidate position papers will also be posed to

A mayoral candidate debate is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept.14th at 7 p.m. at the Vigilant Hose Company. Additional information on the debate will be posted to as it become available.

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