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Around the Town

(Sept, 2011)

No splash park this year

The Emmitsburg town commissioners decided against approving a plan to fund a splash park to replace the baby pool at the Emmitsburg town pool. The baby pool needed costly repairs so it was decided to close it and construct a new splash park instead.

Paddock Swimming Pool Company in Rockville won the contract to build the park for $58,906, though that amount was going to increase to $62,146. The would have included the splash park features—water jets and a large mushroom centerpiece--, a water connection and containment system.

The original plan had been to use Program Open Space money for the project, but state budget cuts have also cut that idea for this year at least. Plan B was to use funds from surpluses in tax equity funds from Frederick County and real estate tax revenue along with some money from the town’s rainy day fund to pay for the project.

As the commissioners discussed the proposal during their April 4 meeting, concerns about whether the park would be done on time and if the money could be better spent elsewhere for now were raised. In the end, they decided that it would be better to wait until a source of funds, other than the town’s, could be found to pay for the park.

The town pool is still scheduled to open on June 15.

Water ban penalties approved

The Emmitsburg town commissioners approved the penalty schedule for the year-round outdoor water use ban the council approved in March.

Residents on the town’s water system are not allowed to use water from the system to water lawns, shrubs, flowers and gardens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The ban was passed in the hopes of avoiding the seasonal restrictions that the town tends to make in late summer.

With the approved penalty schedule, first-time violators will be given a warning. Violators receive a $25 fine for a second offense and a $50 fine for each offense, thereafter.

Town still has a water deficit

Despite getting 6.7 inches of rain in March, Emmitsburg is still in a water deficit for rainfall from October 1 to March 31. The average rainfall for that time period is 21.2 inches and Emmitsburg had only 16.7 inches. However Town Manager Dave Haller noted that with all of April’s rainfall, the town should be closing that deficit.

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