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Around the Town

(3/1/2011) A mid-year budget review showed that the Town of Emmitsburg is ahead of its budgeted revenues while expenditures are currently half used.

"We’re doing very well fortunately," Mayor James Hoover told the Emmitsburg Town Council during its Feb. 7 meeting.

As of December 31, 2010, the town had received 76 percent of its projected revenues. Two items that helped push revenues ahead of projects were $12,644 more in property taxes than the town expected and a federal reimbursement for a portion of the town’s snow removal costs from the pair of blizzards in 2010.

On the expense side, with half the year complete, half of the budgeted expenses have been used, which is right on target.

"We’ve focused more on our budget this year than we have in the past," Hoover said.

Though the budget is in good shape, Hoover did tell the commissioners that he would be bringing forth some line item changes as budget amendments. They are needed to help maintain cash flow.

"In most cases, the recommendations are based on one-time unforeseen circumstances," Hoover wrote in his cover letter for the budget review.

Town gets good audit report

At the Feb. 21 town meeting, the Emmitsburg Town Council was given its annual audit report. Michele Mills with Draper and McGinley, PA, told the council that the town had an "unqualified opinion" on its audit report, which is just what it should get.

The 2010 fiscal year ended on June 30, 2010, and the audit of revenues and expenditures for that year had been completed in October.

Grease block removed

Emmitsburg town staff removed a blockage of built-up grease from the pumping station wet well in January. The block was equal to 1,000 gallons of grease and weighed 5,000 pounds.

Town Manager Dave Haller said that with the grease removed, the town would now be able to gauge the effectiveness of the new grease trap ordinance. Ideally, the next build up of grease should happen much more slowly than the time it took for this block to form.

Planning commission member appointed

The Emmitsburg Town Council appointed John Howard to the town planning commission during its Feb. 21 meeting.

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