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Around the Town

(Jan 2011) The Town of Emmitsburg got a report card from businesspeople and residents of the town on December 6. Though not perfect most people in Emmitsburg seem to be happy with how well the town works.

Students from Mount St. Mary’s Market Research class formulated and administered two different surveys—one to businesses and one to residents—at the request of Mayor James Hoover.

Hoover said that with the survey results, "We can find where weaker points are and work on them over the next year."

The students presented the survey results to the mayor and town council during a regular town meeting.

Of the 74 business surveys mailed out, 25 were completed and returned. The business survey showed that:

  • 48% of Emmitsburg business have seen less sales this year,
  • 56% are satisfied or very satisfied with Emmitsburg as a place to do business,
  • 54% are satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the mayor and town council.

Town staff scored very well on most of the questions concerning their job performance as did the police protection in the town. Three out of four businesses also noted that they had experienced criminal activity at their business.

While the business survey was mailed, the residential survey could be done online or with a survey available from the town office. The town mailed 678 notifications about the survey but received only 41 completed surveys. The residential survey results showed:

  • 48.7% of residents have a work commute of 40 minutes or more,
  • 29.7% of residents feel the mayor and town council understand the community’s needs,
  • 67% are satisfied or very satisfied with Emmitsburg as a place to live,

According to residents, the town’s top assets are that it’s a quiet and peaceful place to live, it’s affordable, it’s close to metro areas, it’s rich history and the community pride. However, the town needs a stronger employment base and more things to do within the town.

In general, residents rated the town staff and police better than the town’s businesses.

What would you do as mayor?

The Maryland Municipal League is sponsoring its annual "If I was mayor…" essay competition for all fourth graders in area schools or being homeschooled. Anyone interested in participating should contact the Emmitsburg town office at 301-600-6300.

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