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Arrests may close rash
 of Emmitsburg robberies

(1/6/2011) Two juveniles were arrested on Jan. 6 after trying to break into the Carleoís Italian Pizza in Emmitsburg. A male and a female, both age 16, were arrested on charges of second-degree burglary, theft less than $1,000 and destruction of property.

They were caught when a deputy saw the broken window at Carleoís Italian Pizza at 12:20 a.m. and a juvenile female standing nearby. Deputies apprehended her and the male juvenile who was in the restaurant and found in possession of money from the restaurant.

A number of Emmitsburg businesses have been robbed over the past month, some multiple times. Among the businesses robbed are Fitzgeraldís Auto and Cycle, Harrington and Son, Paulís Pit Stop, the Antique Mall and Redís Tavern. Because of this, the Emmitsburg Community Deputies and the Frederick County PACE Team have increased their patrols of the town in an effort to catch the burglars.

"We are trying to see if they are connected to the other burglaries in town and an investigator has been assigned to the case," said Cpl. Jennifer Bailey with the Frederick County Sheriffís Office.

Petey Fitzgerald of Fitzgeraldís Auto and Cycle said that police told him the juveniles had confessed to at least 11 robberies and some of the stolen goods had already been recovered.

His auto service shop was robbed when thieves broke through a window into the shop and then into the office. They pried open a cash register and soda machine and made off with a scooter and tools that were in the shop. He has now had to spend thousands of dollars for an alarm system and security cameras.

"The sad thing is that you donít feel safe when you leave anymore," Fitzgerald said.

Bob Hance said that Redís Tavern was robbed twice in a week and during the same night of one of the tavern robberies, thieves also robbed Paulís Pit Stop. While some case was taken, it the other things that were stolen that upset Hance.

"They meant pretty much nothing to anyone but me," he said.

Among the stolen items were baseball memorabilia like a bat signed by all the members of a Little League team Hance coached.

"Itís not what you expect after 30 years of doing business in this town," Hance said. "One of the reasons we moved from Montgomery County was to get away from the crime that you see in places like Washington but now itís here."

Hance has had unbreakable security glass installed in the windows because he did not want to have to put bars on the windows because "itís a bad look for the town."

The case has been referred to the Frederick County Bureau of Investigation. Det. Nicole Swailes is the lead investigator. Anyone with information about the case should call 301-600-4033.

The News-Journal will updated this story as further information is released.

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