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Redís Tavern offers country cooking

(June, 2010) Bob Hance plans on making Redís Tavern on Chesapeake Avenue a true Emmitsburg restaurant, but he needs the help of residents.

The new restaurant that is replacing Smokehouse Alley will have an Emmitsburg baseball theme to it, including pictures and other mementos. To begin creating the shrine to Emmitsburg baseball, Hance said he is hoping that residents will donate photo reproductions of historical Emmitsburg baseball photos to him. He then plans on adding them to his baseball displays within the tavern.

As for the food, Hance said, "Redís Tavern is a return to country cooking that I have learned this town wants."

This include serving popular Emmitsburg favorites like slippery chicken pot pie and hamburgers made with meat from Norman Shriverís Meat Market.

Redís Tavern also gives customers a lot for the money. Daily specials are only $5.25 for a full country meal.

"Redís Tavern is going to be in the tradition of the old Ballfield Tavern and One More Tavern," Hance said.

He wants Redís Tavern to be the place where locals go to eat. He will offer hearty food made with local ingredients as much as possible like turkey from Hillside Farms and eggs from Weikertís Farm. In the future he also hopes to offer breakfasts.

There had been talk in town last month that Stavros Pizza would relocate to the building. Hance said he tried to reach an agreement for that, but it just didnít happen. So he decided to pursue another project.

Redís Tavernís cook is Debbie Hamilton and Fred Hawk is the bar manager. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

To find out the daily specials or other items on the menu, call Redís Tavern at 301-447-6749.

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