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March issue of Around the Town

The Emmitsburg streets, water and charter review committees are gone. In their place is the citizens advisory committee. The commissioners decided that the change was needed because many times the disbanded committee could not even get enough members to attend to have a quorum and be able to conduct business.

The new committee will make recommendations to the commissioners for rules and regulations to improve the quality of life in Emmitsburg. The committee can have up to 10 members, including someone who does not live within the town's boundaries and a town commissioner who will serve as liaison.

Commission President Chris Staiger said that the new committee creates a, "grassroots ability for ideas to circulate up to board."

The parks and recreation committee and planning commission are unaffected by this change. The parks and recreation committee has not had trouble with attendance and the town is legally required to have a planning commission.

Businesses complying with grease trap ordinance

The Town of Emmitsburg has begun to enact the grease trap ordinance that it passed last year to keep grease from commercial kitchens to getting into the town's sewer system. According to Town Manager Dave Haller, 26 businesses were contacted about the need for their kitchens to comply with the ordinance in early December and by the end of January six of the businesses were already in full compliance. The remaining 20 businesses have until the end of the year to comply.

Council passes purchasing ordinance

The Emmitsburg Town Council recently passed a purchasing ordinance. Purchases under $5,000 can be made without soliciting bids or approval of the town commissioners. Purchase between $5,000 and $20,000 on budgeted items will require three written estimates but it still does not require board approval. For purchases over $20,000 will require contracts.

"I think this will be a major benefit to the management of the town both at your level and the town level," said Town Manager Dave Haller.

The ordinance passed on a 4-0 vote.

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