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Town proposes grease trap ordinance for wastewater lines

Ashley Andyshak Hayes
Frederick News-Post

(5/6) Town staff members hope a new ordinance will prevent grease from clogging wastewater lines.

The proposed ordinance would require all nondomestic food service and motor vehicle facilities to install interceptors to keep grease, oil, wax and fats out of the town's wastewater treatment system.

The ordinance would apply to restaurants, bars, schools, day care sites, churches, garages, and grocery and convenience stores, Town Manager Dave Haller said.

All existing facilities would be required to install an interior interceptor, while future facilities would have to incorporate a 1,600-gallon underground system.

The requirement would apply to all new construction immediately upon approval of the ordinance, and existing facilities would have to comply by July 1, 2010.

Grease collects in all parts of the wastewater system, blocking water flow and forcing wastewater out into streams and other areas. Grease blockages caused several sewage spills into Flat Run Creek two years ago. Staff must also use extra chemicals to process the grease when it flows into the treatment system's collection lagoons.

The ordinance would require all facilities to submit a report six times a year showing the amount of grease hauled away from the system. This deters people from trying to avoid a hauling fee by flushing the grease down a toilet into the wastewater system, Haller said.

Town commissioners will further discuss the ordinance and hear public comment at a future town meeting.

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