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Wivell sent to Afghanistan

(2/21) For one local man, recently deployed to serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan, the decision to serve his country was not a difficult decision, nor was it one he has backed down on, even after 14 years of service.

TSgt. Todd Wivell, a lifelong resident of Emmitsburg, joined the United Sates Air Force in 1994, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle, who both served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. For Wivell, his decision to join the force came about, in most part, due to one woman.

“My grandmother Elsie Wivell, who passed away last year, was extremely patriotic and instilled in me the pride of being free and being an American,” Wivell said. “I wanted to join those who were already defending that freedom and felt like joining the USAF was a great way to do it.”

Over the last 14 years, Wivell has been on active duty, filling many different roles, first as a security forces specialist and most recently in public affairs. Currently, Wivell is stationed at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina, where his wife and four children live as well.

With is deployment to Afghanistan, Wivell faces what any soldier does, worries about himself and those he’s leaving behind, yet he has found a way to deal with the stress of deployment.

“I have talked it over with my family extensively and ensure them I will do everything I can to be safe while I am away. They all know that they are in my thought and prayers and I look forward to seeing them again soon,” Wivell said.
And even though Wivell’s service has taken him thousands of miles away Emmitsburg, he said it will always be home.

“Emmitsburg is my home and will always mean something to me,” Wivell said. “Being from Emmitsburg and its good people made me the person I am today.”

Anyone wishing to correspond with Wivell may do so:
Todd Wivell
APO AE 09356

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