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Emmitsburg mayor and commissioner

(10/2) Mayor James Hoover and Commissioner Chris Staiger were re-elected on Tuesday, Sept. 30 in an election where only 3.5 percent of the town’s registered voters turned out to vote.

Though the election was uncontested, voting was held from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 51 people cast their votes. Three election judges watched over the process: Dianne Walbrecker, Sharon Hane and Dottie Davis.

Staiger said “When things are quiet, people tend to find other things to focus on.”

“My hope is that people are satisfied,” Hoover said. “My only concern is that more people are unwilling or unable to get involved in the community. But I generally believe that people are satisfied.”

Among the mayor’s plans for the next term is to “maintain the path Emmitsburg is going in.” He wants to continue to work on the sewer and water service, family and community programs, improvement on park services and amenities, continue and establish partnerships with different agencies and to finalize the detailed Emergency Preparedness Plan.

“A lot has been done, but a lot needs to be done,” Hoover said.

The biggest concern he has is the lack of money and struggling economy.

According to Hoover, the city relies on a lot of heavy state and federal grants and low-interest loans.

“With the economy pretty tight, we may see some tough times,” he said.

Staiger said, “I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me to my second term to get going on the things I really ran for office for.”

Those things include getting the master plan finished and improving the town’s zoning ordinance and developing an adequate public facilities ordinance.

Of the 51 voters, 38 votes went to Hoover and 47 to Staiger. Some voted for one candidate and not the other and there were also some write-ins. The write-in candidates for mayor were Tim O’Donnell (2), Jeff Little (2), Denise Etris (1), Bobby Ott (1), Art Elder (1), Libby Briggs (1) and Walbrecker (1). The write-in candidate for commissioners was Jeff Little (1). A write-in vote for mayor and another for commissioner were not counted because the voter wrote in the candidate’s name but did not check the box to indicate the vote. All of the write-in candidates were not registered as candidates with the town.

There are currently 1,448 registered voters in Emmitsburg. This election had the lowest voter turnout since at least the year 2000, according to the Emmitsburg Town Office.

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