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Hoover and Staiger to run again

(7/7) Both incumbents in this years Emmitsburg town elections have filed to run for re-election. Mayor James Hoover and Board President Chris Staiger hope their work for the town has garnered them enough trust and respect among residents to continue serving for another three years.

I enjoy doing this, Hoover said. I want to continue doing it. I think the town has come a long way in improving its infrastructure, a lot of improvements in community programs. I want to see us continue to provide more training to staff and officials to make us as professional a group as we can be.

Staiger said of the mayor. I think he does an excellent job. He provides a lot of leadership and he enjoys it. Im glad hes choosing to run again.

Hoover said he held off announcing his intentions to run again because he wanted to see who would be running for commissioner. So far, that person is Staiger.

I think Chris Staiger does a very good job as board president, Hoover said. I think he does a good job as commissioner. Period. He says what he thinks.

Staiger said the biggest challenge to his running again was finding a way to balance his family life with the demands of being a commissioner. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two sons born to them during Staigers first term on the board.

We think we can make it work. Im glad because there are still a lot of things I havent been able to do yet because weve been bogged down with the comp plan, Staiger said.

Staiger is completing his first three-year term as a town commissioner and Hoover is completing his second three-year term as mayor.

The town election will be on Sept. 30 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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