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UpCounty wins 2nd Annual Mayors Barbeque

(8/7) Alan Fitzgerald of Fairfield spent hours over the grill at the 2nd Annual Emmitsburg Mayor’s BBQ on Aug. 2, slathering chickens with his secret sauces.
His father-in-law, Lindy Angleberger took a deep breath of the spicy aroma and said, “I used to weigh 123 pounds until he had me taste all his recipes.”

“That was when you were in sixth grade,” Fitzgerald said, meaning that was the last time his father-in-law weighed 123 pounds.

Both men laughed at the good-natured teasing, which is part of the attraction of the barbeque competition. The grillers bring their grills and sauces, but they also bring their friends and family to sit around the grill laughing and talking.

“We’re just here for the bragging rights,” said Dave Fisher, another of the 12 competitors at the barbeque.

Dave Nash with Pot Belly Barbeque in Taneytown competes around the mid-Atlantic with his chicken.

“This is a different competion,” Nash said. “They’re grilling. We’re smoking, but we’re here to have fun.”

Everyone was also there to help raise money for the Emmitsburg Mayor’s Scholarship Fund, which Mayor James Hoover started last year. The goal is to make the fund self-perpetuating so that it can help an Emmitsburg student with college expenses year after year.

“There are more vendors this year and the feedback I got prior to this was that people are really looking forward to it,” Hoover said.

The chickens were judged anonymously and Upcounty Center won the title of “2008 Emmitsburg Grand Griller.”

Bob Hance with the Carriage House Inn said he is hoping to use the winning recipe for a boneless chicken entrée at the restaurant.


Winners of the 2008 Mayor’s BBQ

  • Grand Griller: UpCounty Center
  • 2nd Place Randy Hall
  • 3rd Place: David Fisher

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