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Streets Committee presents requests to town

(3/1) The Emmitsburg Streets Committee presented the town commissioners with its budget requests for the next fiscal year which begins July 1.

Catherine Forrence, committee chairperson, summarized what the group hopes to have included in next year’s budget during the commissioners’ meeting on Feb. 19.
The requests include:

  • Thermoplastic markers in the streets and alleyways. “We feel it’s important to budget for these markings for traffic calming measures,” Forrence said.

  • More of a police presence in town, particularly in the morning.

  • More enforcement of the speed limit, particularly with trucks.

  • Additional use of the county’s radar trailer to let drivers know how fast they are traveling.

  • Planting the hill next to the Jubilee Foods with Maryland-native trees and flowers. Forrence said this project would be eligible for a Maryland Transportation Improvement Program matching grant.
    • Cable broadcast reminders of the fines for not stopping at a crosswalk.

  • An alternate entrance/exit to Northgate that’s not in the 100-year flood plain.

  • A drainage study of the roads that could alleviate the sidewalk buckling problem. Forrence said that the state might be willing to pay for the initial engineering study.

  • A better traffic flow for parents dropping off and picking up students at Emmitsburg Elementary.

Commissioner Cliff Sweeney asked Forrence if the committee was recommending any street paving. She told him it was not included in their requests.

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