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Commissioners don’t addition to
 school delayed

(3/1) The Emmitsburg Town Commissioners have formally asked Frederick County Commissioners not to push the addition to Emmitsburg Elementary School back any further.

The commissioners voted during the town meeting on Feb. 19 to support a resolution to the county commissioners.

“They want the renovation to be delayed three years after a one year delay last year,” Commission President Chris Staiger said who proposed the resolution.

While he had expressed his concerns to the county as an individual commissioner, Staiger said he want to get a “team effect” by having the town officially support the position and to encourage citizens to speak out about the proposed delay.

The $9.9 million addition would add 184 seats to the school, which has a state-rated capacity of 316. The 45,080 square-foot school was originally built in 1974.
The addition was scheduled for 2009, but the staff-recommended capital improvement program for the county recommended pushing it back until 2013. Though other school projects were also recommended for delay, this was the longest delay of any project.

The total student enrollment as of Sept. 30, 2006 was 317, which is slightly below the 14-year average of 319 students. The equated student enrollment is 292, which means that the school is considered to be 92.4 percent filled.

The commissioners want citizens to contact the county commissioners now before the CIP is finalized.

Though county commissioners are holding a public hearing on the CIP on March 27, Staiger said, “If we wait until March 27 its really going to be too late to get it changed. The time is now.”

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