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Mayor Hoover sets his goals for 2007

(1/5) Though it's the middle of Emmitsburg's fiscal year, the changing of the calendar is an opportunity for Mayor James Hoover to look ahead at what he would like to do over the next 12 months.

"I believe these are reasonable goals that can be accomplished this year, and I believe it can be accomplished in addition to the regular things we do like street paving, sidewalks and new park equipment," Hoover said.

In no particular order, Hoover said his goals were:

  • To complete the design and bid process for the sewer and water line project on Lincoln Avenue (Expected to be complete fall 2007).
  • Complete the bandstand in Community Park (Expected to be complete fall 2007).
  • Design and build the first phase of the walking/exercise trail in Community Park (Expected to be complete fall 2007).
  • Host a community barbeque (Expected to be complete summer 2007).
  • Complete the comprehensive plan and sign ordinance (Expected to be complete spring 2007).
  • Design the upgrade to the sewer plan nutrient removal level and do it with state money (Expected to be complete spring 2007).
  • Install "Welcome to Emmitsburg" signs on East and West Main Street (Expected to be complete spring 2007).
  • Start a monthly television program to complement the Mayor James Hoover Radio Program (Expected to be complete fall 2007).

"This is what I'm focusing on," Hoover said. "This is what Jim Hoover will be looking to do and putting in his budget to do."

While the barbeque might seem a bit frivolous, Hoover sees it as a way for the community to bond.

"It's something fun that will allow the community to socialize, and I think it can be done without costing the town anything," Hoover said.

Hoover's goals seem in line with the direction the town is already heading. For instance, the South Seton water and sewer upgrades are already underway and the Lincoln Avenue project is a continuation of that work.

The commissioners have expressed a desire to begin making needed sidewalk repairs. This multi-year project is expected to cost around $225,000 over the next few years. The commissioners have already voted to include $50,000 in the town budget that takes effect July 1.

Hoover said he believes that only the bandstand and the walking/exercise trail could be affected by an overly tight budget.

However, this goal could tie in with the trail project Mount St. Mary's and the town have already discussed. The trail system would give students walking access to town and an additional option to residents who want to expand their exercise program beyond Community Park.

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