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Emmitsburg to provide yard waste dropoff

Ingrid Mezo

(3/23) Emmitsburg town officials on Monday directed town staff to look into setting up a yard waste program for the town, which would involve establishing one or more sites where residents could bring their lawn and garden debris.

The debris would then be transported via a roll-off truck to the yard trimming and mulch site at Reichs Ford Road Recycling Center in Frederick.

Town residents will soon no longer be able to throw out yard waste with regular trash, and would otherwise have to make the trip to Frederick city themselves to dispose of lawn waste. In January, Frederick County commissioners voted to end yard waste collection throughout the county, starting May 1.

Town Manager Dave Haller suggested placing the roll-off truck near the town’s sewer plant on Creamery Road. The facility would be manned for several hours during the week, and possibly on weekends. People coming to dump their yard waste would have to show their driver’s license to prove they are residents of the town, since the cost for the roll-off would come out of the town’s trash fees.

While the details still have to be worked out, Haller said the town would try to install the site before May.

Town sponsors art competition

Town officials voted unanimously on Monday to approve $3,050 for an art competition for students in kindgergarten through 12th grade who live in Emmitsburg or attend Emmitsburg schools.

Commissioner Bill O’Neil suggested the competition, saying it would be a good way for the town to do something positive for schoolchildren, while also potentially producing artwork that could be displayed on town calendars and other town materials.

“This art competition is a wonderful way for us to recognize the fine talents of these deserving children and encourage them to continue,“ O'Neil said. ‘‘...We’ve had an overwhelming response from everyone, and I would like to see this become an annual event.”

The theme of the art competition will be ‘‘100 Years of Discovery, Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Emmitsburg Public Library.”

There will be three levels of competition — kindergarten through grade 3; grades 4-7; and grades 8-12.

First-place winners in each competition will receive a $1,000 U.S. Series EE savings bond, second-place winners will receive a $500 savings bond, and third-place winners will get a $200 savings bond. Up to 10 $100 honorable mention awards will be given out at the discretion of the judges.

Winning artwork will be on display in town hall for one year.

Once the panel of judges has been convened, more detailed information will be provided on how to apply.

Planner consultant appointed

Town officials voted Monday to hire consulting firm Jakubiak & Associates to help town staff complete a draft of an update to the town’s comprehensive plan.

Town Manager Dave Haller recommended the firm because they have worked with other municipalities in Frederick County and already have established contacts with the county’s planning department.

Jakubiak & Associates made arrangements with the town in which they will bill the town on an hourly basis for their work, for between $100 and $120 an hour for the first three months.

If the town is happy with the firm’s work, they will sign a contract with them at that point.

Once complete, the comprehensive plan will spell out what kinds of development will take place in the town in the next decade.

All municipalities are required by the state of Maryland and Frederick County to have a comprehensive plan. County officials also draft a regional comprehensive plan for all municipalities.

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