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Silver Fancy annexation progressing cautiously

(3/8) A proposed annexation involving a 168-unit senior housing development is moving forward slowly as the proponents "fine-tune" their formal annexation proposal.

Zoltan Nagy, principal with Buckeye Development, presented a new concept plan to the town planning commission Sept. 26. He said Buckeye would make a second attempt to annex a portion of the Silver Fancy farm located off North Seton Avenue, along with some additional adjacent land.

"We're still a little bit away from filing for annexation, " Nagy told The Dispatch on Feb. 6. He added, "We've still got some design issues and still refining some things. We want to make sure the proposal becomes referendum-proof. I don't want to rush it. If there are any objections, I'd rather smooth it out (before applying for annexation)."

The overview presented to the board on Sept. 26 included 132 villas (one and one-half story buildings) and 36 (three-story) condominiums. Nagy said the condominiums would be an "affordable housing component" of the project, priced in the $200,000 range versus the villas in the $300,000 range.

Another feature new to this Silver Fancy proposal is a one-acre "dinosaur park" site containing the historic and long-abandoned Emmitsburg quarry, also known as the "Lost Dinosaur Quarry." Nagy said the dinosaurian acre could be deeded to the town.

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