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Deputy suggests Neighborhood Watch program for town

Ingrid Mezo

During an Emmitsburg town meeting Monday, Deputy Kevin White of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office told officials he hopes to start a Neighborhood Watch program in the town.

The Neighborhood Watch programs help keep neighborhoods safe by teaching residents how to report crimes, which helps police during investigations, White said.

White helps neighborhoods throughout Frederick County start programs, and said there are 95 in the county now. In order to start a program, 65 percent of a town or neighborhood would have to be satisfied with the program, White said.

White’s plan for Emmitsburg is to start up a neighborhood watch in one development, and then branch out to other neighborhoods from there.

‘‘I could start out with 20 people who want to move forward," White said.

Mayor Jim Hoover said that several years ago, a few residents at Seton Place on North Seton Avenue wanted to start a Neighborhood Watch program, but were unable to get enough community support.

‘‘Now, with the Sheriff’s Department playing a more active role, I think that the program will have a very good chance of success," Hoover said.

Town officials directed town staff to put notices about the program on town water bills, on Cable Channel 99 and on the town’s Web site.

‘‘It’s important for citizens to be aware that they have ownership of this program," Commission President Chris Staiger said.

Officials bid on Town Hall video system

Also during the town meeting Monday, Emmitsburg town officials voted to authorize town staff to conduct a final negotiation and prepare a final contract with Connectivity Group LLC to install a video system in Town Hall. The video system would allow meetings to be aired on a local cable channel.

Connectivity Group was one of two bidders on the project, and had provided two separate estimates.

Public information contact for Emmitsburg, Pat Feeser, refused to provide an exact cost or cost range for the project.

Town officials are scheduled to vote on approving the video bid contract during the next town meeting, March 6.

Youth art contest in works

Town officials also discussed sponsoring a youth art competition in which any children with an Emmitsburg ZIP code could participate.

The awards ceremony for the competition would likely take place during the town’s July 4 ceremony.

Commissioner Bill O’Neil, who suggested the competition to other town officials, said the town could feature artwork on town calendars, and as a backdrop for Channel 99.

O’Neil also suggested the theme of the art competition be the 100-year anniversary of the Emmitsburg library.

The town will work with the 100th Anniversary Committee of Emmitsburg Library, the town’s parks and recreation committee and possibly the Emmitsburg Lions Club to put the competition together.

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