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Commissioner Walbrecker Resigns

Citizens of Emmitsburg

From: Dianne L. Walbrecker

Date: March 21, 2005

While I have enjoyed the last year, I have decided that I can no longer serve you adequately as a town commissioner. When I ran for office last year, I traveled occasionally. Since then, my work has changed significantly. Most months, I am out of town for at least one or two weeks. This requires me to miss town meetings, so I am not available to vote for or against important issues facing us. This is not fair to you.

On some months when my work schedule means I can attend both meetings, I am out of town during the intervening weeks. This means I'm not here to listen to your views and input.

This was an agonizing decision that I made only after careful thought about what would be best for you, the citizens of Emmitsburg. You deserve a full-time commissioner who listens to you and votes in your best interests, as is (and has been) my aim all along. Therefore, I will resign my seat as of April 28. This will allow you to choose someone to replace me during the upcoming election.

As I have done since Willis and I moved here in 1991, I will continue to stay involved in town activities whenever possible. In fact, I would like this Board to consider me for the alternate slot on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.

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