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Town planner resigns post

Ingrid Mezo

(12/15) Emmitsburg Town Planner Mike Lucas left his position with the town Friday, after giving two weeks notice.

Lucas began working for the town in fall 2002, Town Manger Dave Haller said.

Mayor James Hoover said he would not look for a replacement for Lucas in the next few months.

‘‘With the limited amount of development going on in the town right now, I think it would be wise to hold off [on hiring a new town planner,]" Hoover said.

Instead, Hoover has called for restructuring of the town staff that will shift some of Lucas’s responsibilities to Town Manager Haller and Town Inspector Frank Henry. The town will also use some of the county’s planning resources to help make up for the absence of a town planner.

‘‘This will allow us to get the necessary work done in a timely, professional manner," Hoover said.

Hoover has also instructed the town’s planning and zoning staff to table updates on the town’s comprehensive plan until February while they get acclimated to working without a town planner.

Town gets repair grant

Emmitsburg recently received a $656,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Maryland Department of Housing, Economic and Community Development to fund repairs to its sewage system, Mayor James Hoover said at the Dec. 5 town meeting. The town requested the grant as part of an agreement with Emmitsburg East Industrial Park company which is building the new Emmitsburg Glass Company Building on Creamery Road. In that agreement, the company agreed to pay for all necessary repairs to the town’s sewage system that construction of a new Emmitsburg Glass Company building would require, which the town would refund with the grant money. Town staff previously said they expect the sewer repairs and upgrades resulting from the Emmitsburg Glass Company’s move will resolve some of the town’s significant sewage problems.

The town is also currently hoping to receive an additional state grant to fund repairs to the town’s sewage plant to help reduce emissions.

Hoover expects the project to cost about $2 million, he said. The state funds 100 percent of the planning and design costs and 50 percent of the costs for design and construction.

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