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Kirby Delauter to run for County Council

Richard D. L. Fulton 

Commissioner Delauter, of WF Delauter & Son, Inc., Emmitsburg, announced November 20 that he will be seeking election to the North (5th) District seat on the new Frederick County Council. 

In addition to filling seven new council seats, voters will be electing a county executive.

Delauter was initially elected to a seat of the county Board of Commissioners in the 2010 election, with that term expiring in November 2014.

Regarding his decision to run for a seat on the new council, Delauter said, "I decided about a week ago after Jan Gardner announced she was running for county executive.  Jan was president of the last BoCC (county Board of Commissioners) and left us with a $48 Million deficit."

"I cannot allow her to be in this position of authority unchecked," he said.  "That, along with a strong show of support from people and business owners is another reason I decided to run."

Regarding the new form of government, Delauter stated, "I think charter government was a good idea but I'm not 100 percent behind how it was written."

 "Overall I don't see much of a difference, but it's hard to tell until you actually have it to work with," he noted.

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