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From the Desk of State Delegate Kelly Schultz

(6/1) Tuesday, June 24th is Primary Day in Maryland. The fear is that there will be a very low voter turnout, which has been common for primaries, but there are many reasons why this year should be different.

One reason for lower turnout is if you are not a registered Republican or Democrat, you do not have the ability to vote in the party primary. Maryland is a closed primary system, thus anyone that is registered as unaffiliated, will not have the opportunity to vote. Maryland has seen an increase in unaffiliated (independent) voters over the years.

I have talked to hundreds of voters over the years about their reasoning to either register as Independent or change their affiliation to Independent. The most common reason provided is that they do not relate to one of the political parties all the time, and that the perception of those in leadership is bad behavior leading to legislative gridlock. Many voters do not want to be a part of an institution that seems to be causing the problems.

This is understandable, but it also limits the power of the individual – specifically by eliminating them from perhaps most important part of the election process – primaries. The parties choose their top candidates to be elected in the general election in November. By not voting in June, you may not have the opportunity to vote for your candidate of choice, which leaves you with candidates chosen by others.

June 3rd is the deadline for registering for the Primary, so this may be too late for some, but a special plea is going out those that can. Important issues will be decided by YOU this election season. The candidates have been working hard to get information out about where they stand, and now it is time for you to decide how our governments at all levels will move forward.

As you are educating yourself on the candidates, you will learn that there are many distinctions between them – even within the same political party. You DO have a choice! You will be deciding on experience, effectiveness, character, and philosophy. Many candidates are well known. Many more are introducing themselves to you for the first time.

I will take this opportunity to ask you, when you are in the voting booth, to cast your vote for me – Kelly Schulz – for Delegate. I have served Frederick County’s district 4a for 4 years and have had meaningful legislation passed that directly impacts the lives of Marylanders. Fighting against tax increases; fighting FOR teachers and local school board control; authoring legislation to reduce business regulations; authoring bills to protect victims of crimes – and holding criminals responsible!; and creating new ways for farmers to utilize their land while continuing to grow crops.

During my first term in office, I have had the great opportunity to represent the finest district in the state…to allow your voice to be heard loud and clear. My colleagues trusted my leadership by voting unanimously to elect me as the Chairman of the Frederick County Delegation. The leaders in my Party appointed me as Ranking Member of my committee (House Economic Matters Committee) to lead the fight against a liberal anti-business agenda.

It would be an honor to be trusted by you for one more term. Please vote on Tuesday, June 24th, and please vote for me, Kelly Schulz. Together, we can grasp the opportunities and tackle the tough issues facing our great state. Thank you!