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Ron George's: A 10 Point Promise to Maryland

Ron George is a successful two-term state delegate from Anne Arundel County, seeking the Republican nomination to be Marylandís next governor. Ron is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and is a small business owner, operating Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis and Severna Park. He has earned a reputation for being a successful legislator who is conservative, yet works across the aisle to seek workable solutions and build coalitions. For example, he led the fight to repeal the Tech Tax by organizing more than 300 businesses across Maryland to testify on the taxís impact. He also sponsored the bill that capped the boat excise tax to help restore the maritime industry in Maryland. Ron and his wife, Becky, have six children and five grandchildren. It is his hope to leave a prosperous and free Maryland that rewards his childrenís hard work and preserves the natural beauty of our state for future Marylanders.

A 10 Point Promise to Maryland

I. Ron Georgeís Economic Development and Maryland Jobs Plan

  • Across-the-board 10% income tax cut retroactive to 2014 tax returns
  • Lower the Corporate Income Tax Rate by 2% to 6.25% in 2015, creating incentives for businesses to stay in Maryland
  • Grow the tax base in Baltimore City and Baltimore County with larger manufacturing firms by attracting import/export businesses to locate near our expanding harbor
  • Create Baltimore Childrenís zones in high crime areas of the city modeled after the successful Harlem Childrenís Zones
  • Bring back mid-size and small manufacturing firms to the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland, and Southern Maryland small cities
  • Assist small cities such as Chestertown that have revenue saved toward broadband and other incentives, by giving them the rest of the cost they need on a pay-back basis, thus allowing these municipalities to attract small retail, IT and other businesses
  • Protect and grow agriculture on the Eastern Shore
  • Ease farm regulations that overreach while making large areas unprofitable
  • Make sure each regulated business is well represented on any regulatory board
  • Repeal the Gas Tax increase and the Rain Tax
  • Remove Obamacare and replace with a free market model that focuses on lowering costs with the ability to purchase healthcare plans across state lines
  • Fight for the relocation of FBI headquarters to Prince Georgeís County
  • Increase biotech development in Montgomery and Frederick counties
  • Expand Cyber security industry growth in Central Maryland
  • Work on the manufacturing of next generation aircraft in Southern Maryland
  • Move forward with safe drilling and exporting of natural gas, helping Alleghany, Garrett, Calvert, and St. Maryís Counties

II. Buy in Maryland plan:

  • Allow Maryland residents to receive a 20% sales tax credit on all individual items bought for over $100 in Maryland when they file their tax returns and supply a proof of purchase

III. Cut waste. Balance the state budget while cutting taxes:

  • Require independent audits of all departments and agencies, including our Medicaid, Welfare, and state health insurance
  • Guide money more directly to its intended target, cutting out government middlemen
  • Eliminate redundant services across state agencies
  • Level funding whenever the economy slows

IV. Restore Good Government

  • Create a government that is more responsive to individuals, regardless of income or party affiliation
  • Require the automatic forfeiture of retirement benefits for elected officials convicted of abusing their office
  • Enforce the Campaign Finance Reform laws I helped enact
  • Implement the stateís transparency software
  • Remove the pressure of one-size-fits-all federal and state mandates on local governments

V. Increase Public Safety

  • Encourage enforcement of existing laws
  • Remove ineffective and overreaching laws
  • Reform our prisons to make them true rehabilitation facilities
  • Create drug free zones with stiffer penalties
  • Define roles more clearly for Sheriffs and state and local police

VI. Promote Effective Education

  • Grade each schoolís educational success on outcome based measures
  • Create a "scholarship" system where students that pass an entrance exam to a non-public school will receive money to attend without the state having to pay a penny more
  • Create a Baltimore Childrenís Zone in the failing high crime areas, modeled after the effective Harlem Childrenís Zone
  • Create interim charter schools in areas where immigration numbers are high and test scores are dropping, such as in Montgomery County, so that the immigrant population can temporarily receive education tailored to help them get acclimated to their new society while decreasing classroom sizes
  • Promote civics and financial literacy courses

VII. Make energy more affordable, available and less dependent on unstable governments around the world:

  • This includes developing natural gas resources and using clean coal for our own needs

VIII. Create a Proactive Transportation Plan

  • Create a true lock-box for the Transportation Trust Fund
  • Put all gas taxes toward state road and bridge creation and improvements
  • As we build a stronger tax base, including in Baltimore, more local jurisdictions will obtain the buying power needed for their transportation infrastructure and transit needs

IX. Restore, conserve and preserve our natural resources without punishing the very people who live, work, and recreate here because they love our beautiful state

  • Dredge the "silt pond" above the Conawingo Dam, which causes far more harm to the bayís ecosystem each time it overflows or the dam is opened
  • Create a true lockbox dedicated funds for restoring sewage treatment plant
  • Encourage planting of Marylandís tall deciduous tree species
  • Allow hunting of overpopulated species
  • Give the dollars for bay oyster restoration directly to River Keepers

X. Protect your God Given Rights Guaranteed by our Constitution

  • I will make sure they are not infringed. I believe the strength of our state lies with the individual and each personís dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored.

For The Full Ten Point Plan And For More Information Go To Voterongeorge.Com