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From the Desk of Gene Stanton,
Candidate for House of Delegates

(8/1) The Republican primary election results did some serious damage to the influence of Legislative District 4. The defeat of Senator Brinkley, who was the Senate Minority Leader, seriously undermined the influence that the citizens in District 4 have in Annapolis. Senator Brinkley had genuine power that Tea Party Republicans will not be able to even come close to matching.

The fact is, there is a greater than a 2 to 1 majority of Democrats over Republicans in Annapolis and with redistricting, the Democratic majority will only increase. Sending only Republicans to Annapolis, some of whom promise never to compromise, will seriously weaken our ability to get funds for projects in our area. The funds that I am talking about come from your tax dollars.

Understanding how Annapolis works is critical to the financial health of Frederick County. By sending representatives with a no compromise attitude to a Legislature heavily controlled by Democrats, our voices will essentially be ignored. This will not only hurt our county financially, but it could be dangerous if we have an emergency and need financial assistance.

If you care how your money is spent ? and you should care because, after all, it is your money - you need people who will work to bring that money back to Frederick County, for projects that will benefit Frederick County residents.

We have genuine needs here in Frederick County. We need state funds to expand I-270 and US15, to make many of our state highways safer, and to increase public transportation. We need to rebuild and upgrade many of our schools, make our recycling program more efficient, and bring high paying jobs to Frederick County, so our residents will not have to travel outside the county for work.

There is a way to combat this loss of power. Buy voting for me, Gene Stanton for Delegate, and Dan Rupli for Senate, you will have two people that will work hard for every single citizen in Frederick County. You will have two people that will have influence within the majority party and that will work with their fellow Republicans to make sure your tax dollars that you send to Annapolis are returned to Frederick County for needed projects in Frederick County.

Dan and I will give the district a much needed voice that will be heard in Annapolis. We will also fight for tax breaks and financial relief for small businesses, farmers, and students attending state universities. The Tea Party Republicans make many promises, but what can they accomplish by being a minority within a minority party, that refuses to discuss anything except the fact that their views are never up for discussion?

Frederick County will not benefit by sending a legislative delegation to Annapolis made up entirely of people who have no access, no influence, and whose favorite word is ?no.? The fact is, they will have no power and no voice, and neither will you if they are elected in November. We cannot all be on the outside looking in and expect to get more of our tax dollars back.

Please vote and vote with an understanding of how Annapolis truly works. We don't have to like how Annapolis works, but we need to put a team on the field that is willing to fight for Frederick County Residents. Vote Stanton and Rupli and make sure your voice is heard and your money is spent on projects in Frederick County.

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