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From the Desk of Bud Otis
Candidate for Council at Large

The five issue I intend to address

(11/2014) Weíre coming to the last days of the 2014 election. Some are saying "I will be glad when it is over" and I understand your feelings. Let me tell you why I enjoy the election season. When I was ten years old my parents took me with them on business trip to Washington D. C. I took the bus and went to the White House and walked through it by myself. From there I went by taxi to the Capital and I was able to walk in the Capital and I went first to the House then the Senate. I sat in the balcony and listened to the speeches. Of course you canít do that today but for a farm boy from Indiana it was a big deal! I was hooked on how my government worked and I wanted to be a part of it. I felt impressed to go another direction when I graduated from the University; however Fifty years later I was able to fulfill the dream when I was asked to join Congressman Bartlettís staff and enjoyed working for you as his Chief of Staff. Now being retired makes it possible to run as your candidate for the County Council at Large.

While there are problems with our government at times and the people who we elect, it is still the best form of government in the world.

My name is on your ballot because the people in Frederick County nominated me in the primary for a spot of one of four, for an at Large seat on the new County Council. An "at large candidate" means that I am running County wide and I am on everyoneís ballot. If you need help from the County I am there to help you.

You ask me "why are you running"? I love people and I love solving problems. I enjoy thinking of new ways to do things that will result in lower cost for the County and ultimately you as itís your money.

I am running on five points and I want you to remember them and hold me to them.

  • Manage Growth
  • Control Spending
  • Bring Jobs to Frederick county
  • Keep tax rates affordable for all and particularly for our Seniors
  • Listen to all points of view

Manage Growth: You and I donít want to wake up twenty years from now and see that we have become another Montgomery County. That will happen if we donít keep an eye on growth. I fully believe in the farmerís right to sell his land and not have it down zoned as it was four years ago. There is a place for developers; they are our neighbors and friends. Their sales depend on the economy and they canít sell houses faster than people have the money to buy them. I will watch the pace for you and with you.

Control Spending: Bringing spending under control is a constant job. When it comes to spending other peopleís money we have to be very careful. I serve as Chairman of the Finance Committee of my church and as a committee we have to think that way all the time. I look forward to being a watchman on the County Council in dealing with the Budget to make sure we are being very careful with your money!

Bring Jobs to Frederick County: Too many of our friends and neighbors are living from pay check to pay check. Others have lost their jobs and are working at lesser paying jobs just to keep the family together. The county needs to have a sharp team in place to go after new businesses from other counties in Maryland and from other states as well. It can happen! I helped Washington County bring in high paying jobs and I am ready to help put together another team here in Frederick County. We have the players we just need to form the team.

Keep tax rates affordable: This one is a battle as one side says give us your money, we know how to spend it better then you do. I say not so fast, it is our money let us decide what we want to buy. You want the basics such as roads, schools, police and fire services etc. Beyond that however letís have a good discussion as to what our wants and needs are. They may differ but we donít have to be disagreeable. We need to listen to all points of view and then come to a decision. We must keep our seniors in our county and I will support all of the measures needed to so.

Listen to all points of view: The older I get the more I have found it pays to listen to what people have to say and then speak up. God gave us two ears and one mouth and I think He may have been saying something to us. When Iím elected I will listen very carefully to you as I know not all of the wisdom is in Winchester Hall. I intend to have listening days around the county and when you hear I am coming to your part of the county please come and meet with me and tell me what you are thinking. True wisdom is best learned sitting around the table with you I and hearing what you think the county ought to do.

I donít claim to have all the answers, Iím not afraid to ask questions. I will call you when it is appropriate to get your ideas and together we will find the answers. To many elected folks think you will think they are not very smart if they donít give you an answer on the spot. I may have had an idea of what the answer should be but letís stop and pull others into the conversation and I believe we will come up with a better answers.

Letís make the new County Council and ongoing town hall where we can hear what your concerns are and you will know you have a listening ear in Winchester Hall. I ask for your vote in the election November 4 and then I will be of the people for the people. This Bud is for you!

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