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From the Desk of Mark Long, Candidate for Frederick Countyís District 5

Putting resident's issue first

(11/2014) I was born and raised in Northern Frederick County where my family has lived for many generations. I love living here and want to ensure that it continues to be a great place to live, work and raise families for future generations. Iím running for County Council District 5 so that north county residents have a representative on the County Council who will put their interests first.

I support our public schools and students. A good education provides the foundation for a fulfilling life, and prepares students for good paying jobs and rewarding careers. Ensuring a quality education for our children is the most important investment we can make for the future of our community, and is key to our economic prosperity. Unfortunately, Blaine Young and Kirby Delauter have put our education system at risk and shortchanged our childrenís future by providing only the bare minimum funding. As a County Councilman, I will work to restore support of our education.

I support responsible residential growth. Because Frederick County is a desirable place to live and work, it will continue to attract new residents. Itís essential that we manage growth in a responsible and thoughtful way so that new development doesnít negatively impact current residents. Development should be managed so to preserve farms, limit traffic congestion, and have enough schools and enough space in our schools for our students. The rollout of developments should be timed with our ability to pay for schools, infrastructure and services, and developers should pay their fair share for these services. We should end taxpayer giveaways to developers.

I stand for strong business and economic growth. As a small business owner I understand the importance of having a business friendly environment and a strong economy. We should support and reinforce the work of our Countyís Department of Business Development and Retention as well as reinvest in our business/technology incubator. Job growth is a top priority. I want to restore the position of Agricultural Liaison to support our agricultural community.

I will put the interests of District 5 residents first. I will listen to my constituents and respectfully consider your opinions to make sure District 5 residents have a voice on the County Council. Recently, my opponent Kirby Delauter stated in writing that he considered people speaking out at public hearings to be "mob rule". As County Councilman, one of the first things I will do will be to host town hall sessions where residents can voice their concerns and interests to me directly, so that I can better understand whatís important to residents of District 5.

Recently I received the endorsements of several elected officials in Northern Frederick County, including the majority of mayors in District 5. These officials are Wayne Hooper, Thurmont Commissioner (R), Glenn Blanchard, Emmitsburg Commissioner (D), Wayne Creadick, Mayor of Myersville (R), John Kinnaird, Mayor of Thurmont (R), and Ralph Whitmore, Burgess of Walkersville (R). There are many reasons why these officials have endorsed me, but Iíll let you hear their words. Wayne Creadick, "Mark Long has impressed me as an individual who is open to listening and showing concern for the Town of Myersville and the greater Myersville Community. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Mark to do what is best for our shared constituents and the County at Large." Glenn Blanchard had this to say, "Mark Long has the vision and the insight, necessary to help lead Frederick County into the future."

Burgess Ralph Whitmore, the Republican primary challenger, expressed his support this way, "Iím endorsing Mark Long for County Council because heís made it clear that he will listen to everyone in our community and address our needs, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent". And Mayor John Kinnaird said, "Knowing Mark for many years, Iím confident he will bring the strong and respectful leadership to the County Council that Northern Frederick County residents deserve. For too long, the current county government has disregarded the views of our citizens and other elected officials. Itís time for a change, and I know Mark Long will bring the best interests of our communities with him when heís elected to the Council."

In addition to these municipal leaders, Iím also honored to have the endorsement of County Commissioner David Gray, who said, "Mark Long is a person you can trust, and he will respectfully listen to your opinions".

As County Councilman representing District 5, I will make decisions affecting the entire county, however, I will make it my priority to ensure that northern Frederick County residents have a representative on the county council that hears their concerns and stands up for their interests.

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