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From the Desk of Kirby Delauter,
Candidate for County council, District 5

On the need to be specific

(10/2014) As I read a recent editorial by Democrat candidate Mark Long in the FNP, I couldn't help but to wonder why he would respond to my previous article, but not answer any of the questions that I asked? He stated previously that developers writing the terms of their approvals in the County. I simply asked him to give factual details of where this has occurred. He never answered that question, but he did however state that he will work with developers to provide moderately priced dwelling units (MPDU's). If there weren't thousands of foreclosures in the market, that might be worth discussing. The reason the current board of County Commissioners initiated the fee in lieu of payment of $17,500 per unit, instead of having builders provide MPDU's, was to help clean up the thousands of foreclosures in the market. The last thing we need right now are more MPDU's to compete with foreclosures.

It appears Mark is following the generic Jan Gardner talking points with no factual data or commitment to back up any of his claims. Speaking of commitment, I wonder if Mark will give his public support to Karl Bickel for Sheriff since Jan Gardner wouldn't do it when asked. The Democrats seem to be avoiding Karl Bickel like an outbreak of Ebola. While Karl Bickel is busy using the Ethan Saylor tragedy for his own political gain, the Sheriff, Chuck Jenkins is busy actually keeping the County residents safe, and he does it while maximizing the use of taxpayer dollars.

Mark speaks of having a priority to strengthen the ethics commission. Let me tell you from experience Mark, be careful with this, you own a home inspection business as you mention in your article. If someone were to make an ethics inquiry (as they did with me ) as to you doing inspections in Frederick County, that just may be (according to Karl Bickel and Jan Gardner a conflict of interest. Would you support an ethics board that meets in illegal/secret meetings with no notice to you or your counsel in order to keep you from earning a living in Frederick County, as Karl Bickel and Jan Gardner did to me? Is that the strengthening of the ethics commission you're looking for Mark? Be careful what you wish for since you've already gone on the record to state that the $22,500 Council pay is not enough for you, you may have to forfeit your Home Inspection Business and be forced to live off that $22,500 Council pay. That is of course if you are successful at strengthening the ethics commission, which as of today, complies within all State mandated guidelines.

The last thing I noticed in Mark's Op-Ed was the last few paragraphs where he speaks of Education, where he claims that specifics were given by hundreds of residents at hearings over the last 3 1/2 years. I didn't ask for someone else to do your thinking or speaking for you Mark, I asked that you provide specific details to your remarks, which apparently you can't. You speak of the "minimum" funding for education by the Young board, yet you fail to mention that the Gardner Board filed for (2) waivers of Maintenance of Effort. You fail to mention one FCPS employee that spoke during our budget hearing, and claimed salaries were flat, actually received 33% more income from 2009 - 2013. It sounds to me like you would govern, if elected, with a mob rule mentality. If enough people come in and scream loud enough, you would change your vote to suit those that make the most noise. As Thomas Sowell recently wrote "There is nothing democratic about mob rule. It means that some people's votes are to be overruled by other people's disruptions, harassments and threats". I vote based on facts and based on what I told everyone I would do if I were elected. We are governed by a representative republic, not a democratic majority (mob rule) government. I don't vote based on who shows up in matching tee shirts and screams the loudest, that is a clear difference between you and I Mark and that is something we can agree upon.

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