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From the Desk of Commissioner Candidate Randy Phiel

(7/1) Thank you to the voters of both parties in Adams County for shrugging off soggy and stormy conditions on May 17th and turning out to select candidates for the November 8 General Election. After a very slow morning start 25% of the voters did turn out, which unfortunately is about average for an Adams County primary election. To have received the most votes for County Commissioner is indeed an honor and privilege. Thank you to all my advisors, supporters and volunteers that worked diligently for five months getting my message out and to all the other candidates for stepping forward to serve Adams County.

Last fall, after serious discussions with my family, and some other folks whose opinion I respect very much, I decided to run for Adams County Commissioner.

I was the first candidate to announce that decision on December 8th. It was not a snap decision. I am very aware that Government at every level has become extremely challenging. Thus, public officials increasingly are in the unenviable position of having to make many difficult decisions, which may not be popular with certain constituencies, or unquestionably have a negative effect on some programs or residents. In addition, candidates must be aware that their willingness to serve their community does and will impact their own family to various degrees. It is important their family understand that, and are supportive and receptive to that reality. Candidates need to think about where they have been, what they have done, what they want to do, and what they believe they can do while in office. That was my mind set and the prelude to an over five month campaign for Adams County Commissioner. This primary campaign generated unprecedented interest, produced ten candidates, resulted in numerous candidate forums by various entities and garnered significant media coverage. It also involved significant energy, scheduling and multi-tasking on the part of the candidates. It brought to the surface for me that Adams County has many different areas, many different issues and a lot of great folks. The best part of the campaign was making many new friends and getting to know many old friends on a new level.

The primary concluded on May 17 with the unseating of two commissioner incumbents with Commissioner Glenn Snyder not running for re-election. I was extremely honored to receive the most votes of any candidate and the sole endorsements of the Adams County Police Chiefs Association, Fire Chiefs Association, and Volunteer Emergency Services Association. I was also one of four candidates, and two non-realtors, to receive the York/Adams Realtors endorsement. Myself and Jim Martin are the two Republican nominees who move forward to the General Election; while Marty Qually and Paul Kellet are the Democratic nominees. On November 8 voters will chose 3 of the 4 to be seated in 2012 with each party having a least one representative by state mandate.

Now five days after the primary my signs are collected and stored, my grass is finally mowed, my garage is mercifully cleared so we can walk thought it and my mail is being collected each day. My family and Golden Retriever Molly are again receiving the attention they deserve. Campaign mode is quite a life experience! As we move toward the General Election, I have been invited by the Emmitsburg News Journal to contribute a column that references my campaign experiences and vision for Adams County. Although I donít expect everyone to agree with all of my philosophies, ideas and semantics, it is my hope that the readers will find it thought provoking, interesting and informative. Until then enjoy everything that Adams County has to offer during the summer months - and if the Lord is willing and the creeks donít keep rising, I will be back to visit with you next month.

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