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From the Desk of
County Commissioner Glenn Snyder

(12/2011) It was a pleasure and honor to serve the residents of Adams County for 34 years as a township official and the past 8 years as your Adams County Commissioner. You may ask why would you want to do this job? Well, I wanted to serve my community and most of all do my part to preserve and protect Adams County for future generations.

When I look back 30 years, many changes occurred. The township supervisor’s main function was to maintain the road systems, but as development occurred and the rural areas became more urban there was a need for regulations to address the development pressure.

The local officials had to develop land development and zoning ordinances and municipal official’s duties have become very complex today.

Now, lets talk about the role of a County Commissioner. Well, what have they accomplished over the past 8 years. In 2004 the county just completed two building projects, a new prison and Emergency Services Center, and with any new construction project challenges had to be dealt with, Capital Reserves and operating fund balances were depleted.

With the over-all financial conditional of the county deteriorating and bond rating down-graded that became the priority issue. This board of commissioners was successful in improving the financial condition of the county.

In 2005 the county borrowed $7 million until the real estate taxes were received and each year thereafter that amount was decrease until 2011 when there was no need to borrow money for operating expenses. The county will end this year with over a $2 million operating surplus and a $ 5 million capital reserve.

Moody’s Investors Service recently upgraded Adams County’s bond rating from Abb to A1 rating and removed the negative outlook that had been assigned over the last few years to the county’s finances. This board of commissioners tackled many unfinished projects, the Gettysburg North Trail and the Belmont Bridge. The trail as been completed and the Belmont Bridge will be going out for bid by the year’s end. Both projects have been ongoing since the early to mid-90’s.

The unpopular task of a re-assessment was completed. The last re-assessment was in 1990. The operation and sale of the county nursing home was transferred to a private vendor. There is continuing evaluation of operations to become more efficient, including the purchase of adjoining properties for future expansion and to reduce rent obligations.

The next board of commissioners will continue to deal with some of the same issues plus new projects like the upgrade of the county communication system.

This board had many accomplishments. It has been a pleasure to serve the resident of Adams County with fellow commissioners George Weikert and Lisa Moreno-Woodward.

I would like to congratulate the new board and would hope the residents of Adams County continue to support them in the future.

Again thanks to all for giving me the opportunity to serve as your County Commissioner.


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