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From the Desk of Board of Education Candidate April Miller

Hello, I am Dr. April Miller and I am running for a position on the Board of Education. My BOE journey began two years ago when we were introduced to TERC/Investigations math. For me, TERC has become a

symbol of the current state of disconnect between the BOE,FCPS administration and the community. I would call it a communication gap.

We have all watched this gap widen in regard to the building, the budget, disciplinary actions taken and disregard of the special needs of students, just to name a few. Our children deserve a board that knows how to be responsive to families and the community instead of just giving a response.

My goals are to institute a more globally competitive student curriculum that is challenging to all students regardless of level while recognizing

individual learning styles. I will implement policies that promote educational accountability and mandate fiscal transparency. I believe families and the community need to be actively involved in the educational process. Creative solutions and ideas can improve the landscape of our educational system. Leadership should set the example, not be the exception. I strongly support motivated teachers and administrators that put the kids first every day and as a result change lives.

I envision a BOE and school administration working together in a system of "checks and balances" for a common goal of high student achievement. I will not rubber-stamp decisions from the administration. I will create a positive climate for ideas and actively solicit community involvement in the policy-making process. Accountability must begin with an honest look at both successes and failures. Parents and teachers are on the front-lines of our schools.

They should be encouraged to offer genuine feedback and new solutions or ideas. If they are unable to speak to the problem, we will be unable to seek solutions.

I plan to reaffirm relationships between FCPS and FCC, to resolve the issue of the high remediation rates of FCPS graduates enrolled at FCC, especially in math (58%). A curriculum with solid math content that prepares kids for college readiness, and not college remediation like TERC, needs to be implemented immediately. I would also prioritize reading-readiness, spelling, history and financial education curriculums.

It is essential for the FCPS budget to be evaluated from top to bottom, line by line, to make sure that the BOE is being the best steward of the funds that they are trusted with. I believe there are opportunities to more effectively use allocated resources and taxpayer dollars. Efficient use of existing and new structures is essential in todayís economy.

I would prioritize establishing safe learning environments for all students above technology upgrades for only some students (or administration).

I plan to create a parent/community advisory council to work with FCPS to streamline and standardize IEP and 504 programs. I have goals for

better student nutrition and to increase physical activity at all grade levels. I will work to improve opportunities for advanced students and those in the arts and music. I believe in starting with simple, common sense solutions that can make an immediate impact.

I am not a politician. I am parent with three children in our schools. Kids come first. Thatís what my campaign is all about.

I am asking for your support on September 14th.

Please visit my website: or email

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