Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


December 8, 2015
Emmitsburg Town Office

Present:  Commissioners Clifford Sweeney, Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard, Tim O’Donnell, and President.  Mayor Briggs arrived at 8:02pm.
Staff present were Cathy Willets, Town Clerk; Sue Cipperly, Town Planner; and Dave Haller, Town Manager.

Absent:  Commissioner Joseph Ritz III with prior notice.

I.       Call to Order
Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the December 8, 2015 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of the November 16, 2015 Town Meeting were approved as presented/corrected.  Motion made by Commissioner Sweeney and second by Commissioner Mellor.  Vote: 4-0 pass. Commissioner Ritz III absent.

Commissioner Comments
Commissioner(s) cited attendances, recognitions and announcements.            

Commissioner Mellor said DFC. Whitehouse has been very active in Silo Hill community after her request at the last meeting.  Commissioner Blanchard attended a ceremony at the Library of Congress in DC honoring the Civil Rights movement.  Commissioner Blanchard and Commissioner O’Donnell attended the Maryland Municipal League Annual Legislative dinner held at the Carriage House.  Commissioner Blanchard accepted an invitation to attend a get together from Councilman Delauter.  He participated at a dinner at the Elias Lutheran Church as well as attended the Christmas tree lighting and appreciated that the Mayor made it a subdued event.  Commissioner Blanchard thanked Dfc. Whitehouse for his activity as well as job well done at the fire at Paul’s Pit Stop.   He encouraged all Board members to attend the Vigilant Hose annual banquet to show support for their efforts especially in light of the recent fires.   

Commissioner O'Donnell also attended the MML Annual legislative dinner.  Strong advice by Ron Young for the municipalities to stick together to regain road revenue.  He expressed gratitude to Vigilant Hose Company,  fire and rescue services,  as well as DFC Whitehouse.  Commissioner O’Donnell spoke of the tragedy and loss of life in our community.  He met with the new Emmitsburg Tattoo owner and the owner will be approaching Town staff about signage.  Commissioner O’Donnell also attended the tree lighting event.  Mr. Haller spoke about the fire incident and the public works staff handling the water and sewer.  He said did a great job with no hesitation.  

Commissioner O'Donnell welcomed Russell Wilson, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy with the County.  He was with the Mayor at the Firehouse.  He extended the County Executives' greeting and relayed that the County is grieving and mourning with the Town of Emmitsburg.  He extended a thank you to all first responders.  Mr. Wilson expressed, "Our thoughts and prayers are with all.”  

Mayor’s Comments - not present  

Public Comments    - none  

Administrative Business - Commissioner Mellor mentioned they had a Parks & Rec meeting.  Committee would like to be considered when the Mayor and Town staff is thinking about projects when applying for POS grants.  They would like the Town to work with FCPS to work on the field behind the Town Office to be used for sports youth programs.  Ideally, the work could be done in one shot but could be spread out.  Mr. Haller asked her to send her any thoughts or ideas of what she would like to see done so he could discuss with the Mayor.  Commissioner O'Donnell mentioned an email from Kendall Moore, HOA president, in Pembrooke Woods.  The email addressed concerns related to the neighborhood, i.e. maintenance.  Mr. Haller advised he and staff will do a ride around through Pembrooke Woods and they will comment on each item.  Commissioner O’Donnell questioned the access from Brookfield Rd. to Irishtown Rd. He noted it is still one way only.  Commissioner O'Donnell requested staff contact SHA to get an updated letter advising if it is still one way only.  Mr. Haller stated that is it a sight distance issue and until Irishtown Rd. is graded it will remain one way only.  He also received a letter from a recreational group using the watershed as a geocache site.  The Board and staff were favorable to the idea.  Commissioner O'Donnell said Commissioner Ritz III has been approached by several groups/individuals expressing interest in helping defray the cost of the repair of the Doughboy memorial.  Mr. Haller said the Mayor would be very appreciative of any assistance.  Mr. Haller said they can just bring the money in and it will be committed solely to for that use.  

Consent Agenda - Commissioner Sweeney made a motion to appoint Zenas Sykes to the Citizens Advisory Committee and second by Commissioner Mellor.  Vote 4-0 passed.  Commissioner Ritz III absent.  

Treasurer's Report -
Commissioner Blanchard reported on the cash activity for the month of November 2015. Exhibit B.

Planning Commission Report - Ms. Cipperly advised at the next meeting in January 2016 there will be a reorganization of the Planning Commission.   

II.       Agenda Items  

Final Vote related to establishing a spending limit for repair of Doughboy memorial
Mr. Haller informed the Board staff received two bids.  One was from a very skilled capable person in this exact area and the second was more geared towards doing memorials.  We would like to have your approval to set a spending limit up to $40,000.00   Staff expects to get at least half back from person who struck  the memorial.   We do have the funding and believe it is in best interest of Town and Northern residents to put it back.   Mr. Haller advised that since it is not a budgeted item, staff needs Board approval to move forward.  Mr. Haller advised the work will begin within a month and could take up to six months to complete. Commissioner Mellor asked about the second plaque.  Mr. Haller advised that the second plaque would be included in the $40,000.  The current plaque will remain the same and the Doughboy Memorial will be put back in the same place. 

Motion:  authorize a spending limit of $40,000 for the repair of the Doughboy memorial and authorize Town staff to move forward with signing of contract

Motion by Commissioner Blanchard second by Commissioner Sweeney

                                       Vote: 4-0 in favor Commissioner Ritz III absent

Discuss draft ordinances regarding side yard setbacks for accessory structures in specific residential zones

Ms. Cipperly advised Mrs. Orndorff (E. Main St. in village zone) sent the Commissioners an email requesting a reduction in the setbacks in the village zone for the case of accessory structures.  Ms. Cipperly advised the current setbacks are six feet on each side.  Mrs. Orndorff had suggested a two foot setback from the side.  Ms. Cipperly advised her staff would consider.  Ms. Cipperly told the Board they had previously carports to sit with 0 set back as long as six feet access on other side for fire emergency personnel.  Jerry Muir did an initial draft.  Ms. Cipperly advised staff decided to limit the 0 setback to only one structure on each lot.  She explained what is required by code is the draft ordinances need to be referred to the Planning Commission.  Staff recommended three feet instead of two.                                                                                                                                                            

Motion: - To direct staff to submit ordinances 16-01 and 16-02 pending modification to the planning commission.

Motion by Commissioner Sweeney and  second by Commissioner Mellor.

                                      Vote: 4-0 in favor. Commissioner Ritz III absent.  

Set Agenda Items for January 4, 2016 Town Meeting

  1.   Discussion of how many meetings are held yearly.
  2.   Item related to Comprehensive Plan change Open Space to Institutional  


IV        Adjournment

          With no further business, the December 8, 2015 Town Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm                                                                                

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,  

                                                                   Cathy Willets

                                                                   Town Clerk

                                                                   Approved:  01/04/16