Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland



MAY 18, 2015
Emmitsburg Town Office

Present:  Mayor Donald Briggs; Commissioners Clifford Sweeney; Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard and Tim O’Donnell, President.

Staff present were Amy Naill and Dave Haller, Town Manager

Absent: Joseph Ritz III with prior notice

I.            Call to Order
Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the May 18, 2015 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  

Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of the May 4, 2015 Town Meeting were approved as presented.

Commissioner Comments
Commissioner(s) cited meetings, recognitions and announcements to include meeting with new staff of Ambulance Co. 26 which is back in service; shrubbery at Jubliee and Silo hill looks very nice; upcoming MML meeting for POS, someone from town needs to be present to get request; attendance of the Mother Seton Carnival; meeting with a group that promotes healthy activity, maybe another resource to help promote community day. There was a successful trail day on May 17th. Announcement was made of a upcoming meeting with Homes of America and a meet and greet with county council in June. Congratulations to the Town of Brunswick for piloting a new multi user trail.

Mayor’s Comments
Mayor Briggs commented on many items to include:

·         Troop 727 – plantings

·         Twitter account for the town – instant updates

·         June is Community Heritage Month

·         50/50 state grant monies

·         Frederick County Work Source Group

·         Power Star technology- looking at a contract

·         Receiving an award for FC Sustainability

·         Wrap up meeting on tourism signage

·         Vacancies on the Ethics Committee

·         Phase II of Solar project coming online this summer

·         WWTP will start up in June

·         Planning Commission started review – hope to send to state on 26th of May

·         Gave pool party dates – July 10, 24th and August 7th

·         Energy Efficient upgrades through the county

Mayor Briggs spoke on the 50/50 state grant funding for improvements for downtown, starting the 4th round totaling $200,000 in grant money for 2016 which makes the downtown worth $400,000.  

Administrative Business – none  

Consent Agenda – none  

Town Manger’s Report –
reported on the public works department monthly activities to include a water production and consumption analysis. Mr. Haller highlighted town had RFP paving repair 3 storm drain inlets; had Frederick County Paving mill and pave several streets in town; staff repaired one of the historic Emmitsburg signs what was hit by a car; water table, snow helps more than rain; town had one small spill of untreated sewerage at manhole #98; trash will be picked up on Tuesday the 26th because of the holiday. Staff turned water on in parks and repaired some water leaks in the little league concession stand. Board inquired about Children crossing sign on Federal Ave and Depaul disappeared, 4105 Carrick Ct., small water plate in the street leaking water; Doughboy statue street light out. Town Planner’s Report – Mr. Haller highlighted there has been a lot of progress on the draft of Comp Plan. Ms. Cipperly believes the draft may be approved within the next couple of weeks and then brought to the Board.  Detailed report at Exhibit A.  

Police Report – Deputy Patterson reported on April 2015 police activity. Commissioner O’Donnell would like helmet stops or violations on police report.  Detailed report at Exhibit B.  

II.  Agenda Items  

Recommendation on bids for the purchase of a new pick-up truck

Mr. Haller commented that the money for the truck is in this fiscal year’s budget and pursuant to the purchase ordinance staff is required to get three bids and bring to the Board. Mr. Haller presented the bids and stated that the town has dealt with all three bidders in the past. Staff recommends the lowest bid from Wantz Chevrolet.  

Motion: - to accept staff recommendation of low bid from Want Chevrolet to purchase a ¾ ton 4x4 pickup truck with snow plow package for $34,592.00.

Motion made by Commissioner Blanchard and seconded by Commissioner Mellor.

                                      Vote – 4-0 in favor.  

Budget Review and Discussion

Mr. Haller stated that staff will go through the budget section by section. Cole Tabler, Town Accountant presented the budget and stated that it is very similar to last year’s budget. State funding is a little different this year; last year town got a one time SHA grant. Mr. Tabler reported that he met with the town manager, mayor and department heads and reviewed three quarters of the year, base upon that they made some slight changes. He highlighted the general fund and outlined the revenues and expenses. He reported there is a inter-fund transfer to Capital Projects this year for $127,859.00; referred to page 16 of the budget and went over different areas the monies will be allocated. In reference to the revenue some items are direct amounts given by state or county and some are estimates. Revenue is 4% lower this year.   

Mayor Briggs commented on item#373 Town Square reserved funds and stated that in the past there was discussion that the expectations of the town to compliment the $700,000 to $800,000 that the SHA was putting into it.  The Town would be expecting to put in $150,000, which will come back to the Board first, it is not an automatic; this is for some of the things they will not cover.  Also, there will be at least $140,000, if the town goes through with the trail to the Mount.  It is moving along pretty well with an 80% grant; it keeps expanding and it will be a 10ft paved section.  Mr. Haller interjected that the County, Town and Mount will each put up $140,000 and the state will put up the 80%.  

There was some discussion on salary breakdowns in multiple departments, dog park cost; more expenses with the new waste water treatment plan coming online and cable TV franchise fee and when it was up for review. Board will review budget further and bring back at next meeting with more questions.  

Motion:  to continue fiscal year 2016 budget proposal at next town meeting.

Motion made by Commissioner Sweeney and seconded by Commissioner Blanchard.

                                      Vote – 4-0 in favor  

Set Agenda Items for June 1, 2015 Town Meeting

1.    Assembly report from Delegate Afzail

2.    Consideration of the draft budget for FY 2016

3.    Review of flagged line of the family multi user trail – Administrative Business

4.    Recommendation for Ethics Committee – Consent Agenda  

III.  Public Comments – none  


V.   Adjournment

      With no further business, the May 18, 2015 Town Meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


                                                                   Respectfully submitted,  

                                                                   Vickie L. Felix

                                                                   Recording Secretary  

                                                                   Date Approved: June 1, 2015