Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland






February 2, 2015

Emmitsburg Town Office



Present:  Mayor Donald Briggs; Commissioners Clifford Sweeney, Joseph Ritz III, Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard and Tim O’Donnell, President.

Staff present were Vickie Felix; Cole Tabler, Town Accountant and Dave Haller, Town Manager.

I.      Call to Order

Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the February 2, 2015 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Announcement of a Closed Session

President O’Donnell announced the need for a closed executive session following adjournment of this meeting as permitted by the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Article: Section 10-508 (a) Closed Meetings, Item 8 to discuss pending or potential litigation. See attached announcement.  Motion by Commissioner Blanchard, second by Commissioner Mellor, motion carried 5-0 in favor. 


 Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the January 5, 2015 Town Meeting were approved as presented.


Commissioner Comments

Commissioners cited announcements to include: the status of the citizens advisory committee will be made shortly; early stages of planning community gardens and upcoming community day. Commissioner Sweeney commended staff for excellent job on snow removal.  Attendances included meeting with ACB Consulting held at the Seton Shrine and the Smart Growth seminar for elected officials. Commissioner O’Donnell met with a Chamber of Commerce organization and was able to put them in touch with the Frederick County Tourism.


Mayor’s Comments

Mayor Briggs announced the Town received the third Community Legacy Grant for $50,000 and there was a 40% savings for the town in regards to the LED lights. He had a meeting with the State Highway Administration in regards to the construction on the bridge, bidding will start this fall. The construction will be done in 2 phases; about 18 months; there will be two-way traffic during construction.  When project is finished there will be sidewalks on both sides of the bridge. He also attended the meeting for small communities and smart growth. He will be attending the upcoming Mayors conference. He reported that the General Dollar builder found a sealed tank and called MDE. He congratulated the Lions Club, Vigilant Hose and the Ambulance Co. for the banquets that were held this past month.


Administrative Business - none


Consent Agenda - none



Town Manager Report - reported on the public works department monthly activities to include a water production and consumption analysis. Mr. Haller highlighted that town wells have improved a little; only 9 feet from optimal level. There is still a surplus of 8” precipitation; there were no spills of untreated sewerage but the plants operational design capacity was exceeded six times due to rain. The new sewer plant is getting close to being finished in about 5 to 6 months. Town Planners Report - Mr. Haller highlighted the Dollar General has run into a few environmental issues in regards to some old gasoline storage tanks that were there that were undocumented.  There was a brief discussion on creating a dog park in town which is very preliminary at this point.  Detailed report at Exhibit A.


Police Report - Deputy Patterson reported on December 2014 police activity. She reminded everyone that when they see suspicious activity to call it in when they see or observe it. Also residents should keep garages locked and remove all valuables from vehicles. She also handed out a Frederick County Bureau of Investigations Crime Analysis Bulletin for their review which was then collected and given back to her after report was given. Detailed report at Exhibit B.


Motion: A motion was made that the Investigation Crime Analysis Bulletin be returned to Deputy Patterson after report is given and if the town is requested to distribute them the addresses would be blacked out.

Motion made by Commissioner Mellor and second by Commissioner Ritz.   

                                      Vote 5-0 in favor.

At this point in the meeting the town power went out and the generator kicked on; the meeting was not able to be broadcasted from this point forward.


II.        Agenda Items

Audit Report

This agenda item was tabled because of technical difficulties due to the town power outage that occurred around 8pm.  


Motion:  To table audit report until two meetings from now because of technical difficulties.

Motion made by Commissioner Blanchard and second by Commissioner Sweeney.

                                       Vote: 5-0 in favor


Commissioner Ritz informed the Board that he might not be present for the March 2, 2015 Town Meeting.


Set Agenda Items for February 16, 2015 Town Meeting

1.    Discussion of pool funding and contract

2.    Board review of salary chart modification


III.     Public CommentsKendall Moore; President of Pembrook Woods HOA, - commented on thief/vandalism in Pembrook. He asked about hours of patrol and possible community watch.   





V.       Adjournment

          With no further business, the February 2, 2015 Town Meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m.