Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland



May 19, 2014

Emmitsburg Town Office



Present:  Mayor Donald Briggs; Commissioners Clifford Sweeney, Christopher Staiger, Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard and Tim O’Donnell, President.

Staff present was Vickie Felix; Cole Tabler, Town Accountant, and Dave Haller, Town Manager.

_________________________________________________________________________I.      Call to Order

Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the May 19, 2014 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the May 5, 2014 Town Meeting were approved as presented.


Commissioner O’Donnell welcomed County Commissioner liaison David Dunn who was in attendance.


Commissioner Comments

Commissioner Blanchard commented on Commissioner O’Donnell riding his bike to the meeting and encouraged other commissioners to get bikes out and ride and be an example.


Mayor’s Comments

Mayor Briggs cited attendances to include Mount Saint Mary’ graduation; the Peter Pan and Wendy Play, and the Vigilant Hose Spring Fling.  He reported that the town experienced flooding at Northgate; paving was finished on Schoolhouse Lane; there are four properties working under the 50/50 Legacy grant for improvement; Town was approved for a $30,000 grant from the Maryland Department of Energy; the town was approved for $4,000 from the county for potholes; the town was approved for a grant of $12,500 to contribute to the solar project.


Administrative Business

·         Email –Little League having state tournament; concerned about repairs needed in the press box; can town help replace the floor? There was support from the Board to do a $1,000 budget transfer. Agenda item for the next town meeting.


Consent Agenda - none



Town Manager Report - reported on the public works department monthly activities to include a water production and consumption analysis. Mr. Haller highlighted that the wells and water are good. The town received 6.2 inches of precipitation this month; the average is 3.8 inches. The town has a precipitation surplus of 9.6” over the last since months. However, on April 20, 2014 there was a spill of untreated sewerage at MH 98 and MH 35 totaling 23,400 gallons. Commissioner Staiger asked Mr. Haller if he was able to find the information about the solar project and solar field,  i.e. motions that were made from prior meetings and the funding. Mr. Haller passed out a packet of information in regards to Commissioner Staiger’s concerns related to the solar project.  Commissioner Staiger directed staff to research when it was passed that administration needed to report to the Board when the budget was over spent by 50% and when the payment was made that drove town over budget for the solar project. There was a brief discussion about a letter concerning a sidewalk from Memorial Park to South Seton and the town right-of-way. Commissioner O’Donnell would like staff to clear gutters; repair sagging signs at Brookfield Rd. and Pembrook Ct. and at Jubliee.  He also commented on the pothole at Brookfield Rd. and Irishtown Rd. He would like a written report from Mr. Haller on how to manage infrastructure. Commissioners stated that some trees need trimming at the town park tennis courts and the pavilion at the playground at Memorial park. Town Planners Report -included in packet for Board to review. Detailed report at Exhibit A.


Police Report -  Deputy Rohrer reported on April 2014 police activity. He gave a brief update on the drug use in town in response to Mayor Briggs inquiry.  Detailed report at Exhibit B.


II.        Agenda Items


Funding and Tax issue

Mr. Haller stated that staff recommends maintaining the 2015 constant yield tax rate at $.36 per $100 of assessed value which the fiscal year 2015 budget is based on.


Motion:  to approve Ordinance 14-04 a Resolution/Ordinance to Levy of Taxes by the Town of Emmitsburg for the Fiscal Year of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

Motion made by Commissioner Blanchard second by Commissioner Sweeney.

                                       Vote: 5-0 in favor


FY 2015 Budget discussion

At the last town meeting, Mayor Briggs handed out the budget for the Board to review. Tonight the board went through the budget sequentially. Mr. Haller entertained questions from the Board along with Cole Tabler, Town Accountant. Commissioner Mellor questioned about funds for parks to be compliant with ADA. Mr. Haller stated those paths will be put in this year.  The paths will be added for bid purposes to the paving project. The town has the money to fund that. Staff will be applying for Community Parks and Playgrounds grants. Commissioner Mellor would like copies of the grant request. She also asked about the funds for a new website. Mayor Briggs interjected that $2500 has been put in the budget to launch the upgrade of the website but he also has some concerns on this item because he does not want to create another staff position.  Commissioner Staiger had some questions in regards to the town square construction cost. Mr. Haller gave some clarification on the terminology of construction drawings. Staff has met with District 7 Engineer and he said the state is willing to undertake most of the task of the construction drawings. Town should get a letter mid June detailing that information. Commissioner Sweeney asked about funding for the second phase of the solar project. Mayor Briggs stated at this time they are working on a lot of things in regards to that issue. The voltage for the new wastewater treatment plant is extremely high. Commissioner Staiger questioned if the power company was approached about how much the tariff would go down at that rate. Mr. Haller commented staff is looking into that presently so it can be weighed against the solar. The Board will come back at the next meeting with further questions and possible consideration of the FY 2015 budget.


Trail Route presentation

Commissioner O’Donnell handed out a map of the Emmitsburg watershed trail project and presented it to the Board. He reported that the beginner trail, intermediate and advanced trails shown on the map are all complete.  The dotted lines are the proposed trails that need approval for the Trail Conservancy to begin construction after turkey season this summer. At this time there is funding in place and town will not need to fund.                                                                                                                                              


Motion: - To approve the proposed trails as presented and the construction of the layout trail as written.

          Motion made by Commissioner Blanchard second by Commissioner Mellor.

                                      Vote: 5-0 in favor


Set Agenda Items for June 2, 2014 Town Meeting

1.     FY 2015 budget consideration

2.     Budget transfer related to Emmitsburg Little League


At this time there were some issues of side comments by some members of the Board that President O’Donnell addressed.  


III.      Public Comments - none




V.        Adjournment

          With no further business, the May 19, 2014 Town Meeting was adjourned at 9:33 p.m.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                   Vickie L. Felix

                                                                   Recording Secretary


                                                                   Date Approved:  June 2, 2014









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