Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland



February 17, 2014

Emmitsburg Town Office



Present:  Mayor Donald Briggs; Commissioners Clifford Sweeney, Christopher Staiger, Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard and Tim O’Donnell, President. 

Staff present were Vickie Felix; Sue Cipperly, Town Planner and Donna DesPres, Town Clerk.

Absent:  David Haller, Town Manager with prior notice.

_________________________________________________________________________I.   Call to Order

Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the February 17, 2014 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


 Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the January 22, 2014 Town Meeting were approved as presented.


Commissioner Comments

Commissioners cited announcements to include upcoming St. Patrick’s Day concert at the Mount and a Drug awareness meeting.  Recognitions included all those who give donations and help at the food bank.  The food bank is a registered food bank with the state and is utilized quite a bit.  There were also comments regarding snow plowing priorities.  Commissioner O’Donnell reported on conversation with Delegate Huff in regard to programs related to the square/sidewalk funding for smaller municipalities and availability of canines for deputies. 


Mayor’s Comments

Mayor Briggs reported that committees need to hand in meeting minutes, this is required by town code.   He cited meetings attended to include a meeting with the Solar company along with the Ambulance company and Vigilant Hose; conference call with the Square and meeting with SHA; met with Department of Natural Resources in regard to grants for flood mediation; met with two Human Resource firms--will make decision on them next week.  Upcoming meetings include the Mount St. Mary’s advisory committee meeting and the Seton Center committee meeting.  Upcoming events include the Lions Club dance and the EOPC pork roast.   


County Commissioner liaison David Dunn was present at the meeting and addressed the Board briefly to get the word out in regard to the senior Homeowners’ Tax Credit; very few people are taking advantage of this credit.  He left some hard copies with the Board and suggested having people available to assist senior citizens with forms and for staff to put on the web site to link to county.


Administrative Business

·         Report on Citizens Advisory Committee inquiries – Commissioner Staiger requested a written response from the last two issues presented at a previous meeting There were two new items presented:  the “NO PARKING BAGS” possible additional notification to include posting signs; eliminate some of the glare from the LED

lights--spoke of painting the inside of the top dome as a possible solution.

·         Clarification of Town Clerk job description modification – will put in writing for next town meeting.

·         Upcoming Town Square meeting

·         Upcoming Drug awareness seminar – Adults only

·         Consideration of putting public town meetings on You Tube – unanimous consent

·         Consider increase in a late charge for utility billing; current rate is 2%

·         Meeting minutes – bring back in writing for next meeting

·         New website exploration

·         Job chart revisions

·         Maryland energy grants update

·         Snow expense


Consent Agenda

Appoint Joe Ritz to ethics committee – unanimously approved.



Town Manager Report - submitted a report on the public works department monthly activities to include a water production and consumption analysis. 
Town Planners report - Ms. Cipperly stated that the report is basically a continuation of the previous months report.  Detailed report at Exhibit A.   

Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Blanchard reported on January 2014 cash activity and the quarterly electrical savings use report.  Detailed report at Exhibit B.

Police Report - Deputy Rohrer reported on January 2014 police activity.   Detailed report at Exhibit C.

Planning Commission Report – Commissioner Sweeney reported that the planning commission met on January 27, 2014 wherein they reorganized the Board; no agenda items. 



II.       Agenda Items


Flood Plan Ordinance; Section 15.28 - discussion

Ms. Cipperly stated that a flood plan ordinance regulates so that one can’t build new buildings in a flood plan.  The last town revision was in the early 90’s and there have been a lot of changes since then.  The existing ordinance was reviewed at the federal level of things that need updating along with a model ordinance from the state which was modified for Emmitsburg and reviewed by the town attorney.  The ordinance is in the regular part of the code and not in zoning section.  The Attorney suggested moving the flood plan ordinance into the zoning code.  This is a technical ordinance that the town is required to have in place.  Staff is looking for direction to be able to put the ordinance into the zoning ordinance part of code.  The Board was in agreement and gave staff approval to move forward.       


Forestation Ordinance; Section 16.48 – discussion

The Forest Conservation Act of 1991 requires units of local government with planning and zoning authority to establish and implement local forest conservation programs, and provides for the Department’s administration of forest conservation requirements in the absence of a local forest conservation program.  Ms. Cipperly stated that Article 4 needs to be updated.   Commissioner Staiger questioned section 16.48.080 applicability.  Ms. Cipperly replied that this applies to when someone comes in with a subdivision plan or site plan.  There was a brief discussion on forest banking.  Staff is looking for direction to move forward with the ordinance.  The Board gave approval to move forward with the ordinance and bring back as an agenda item. 


Proposed revision to town code – Elections, section 2.28-discussion

This item was withdrawn by Commissioner Staiger at this time. 


Trails and town land – discussion and direction

Commissioner O’Donnell handed out a list of proposed trail work days along with a map of the trails.  The Board approved the trail work day schedule as submitted.  Commissioner O’Donnell pointed out a piece of property on the map marked with an “X” stating that this was town property. 


         Motion: - To accept the property marked as “x” as Town of Emmitsburg property          determined by the Town Manger. 

         Motion made by Commissioner O’Donnell, second by Commissioner Blanchard. 

         Motion was withdrawn. 


Signage and trails – discussion and direction

Commissioner O’Donnell presented the board with two estimated proposals for signage: Instasigns for $1,974.91 and M5 signs/BR Productions for $2,251.00.   Commissioner O’Donnell recommended the estimated proposal from Instasigns for rules and directional  signage.  These funds would come from grant sources.  This does not include a trail map sign at this time.  Commissioner Staiger questioned as to the exact funding source, “What grant?”  Mayor Briggs stated that the town might be able to piggy-back with the county.   This agenda item will be brought back to the Board with clarification of the funding source.   Commissioner O’Donnell will provide a spec sheet to give to the staff to give to the county.

         Motion: - To approve the bid from Instagsigns to be used for trail signage. 

         Motion made by Commissioner O’Donnell, second by Commissioner Mellor.

Motion was withdrawn.   


Commissioner O’Donnell stated that Mr. Steo has asked if all town connector property shown on the map could be flagged except for the piece of property mark with an “x” that needs documentation.  The Board approved unanimously.  The Trail Conservancy will move forward after March 14, 2014. 


Set Agenda Items for March 3, 2014 Town Meeting

1.    Auditor’s report

2.    Code change related to town clerk position

3.    property clarification

4.    Trail New accountant position - discussion

5.    Consideration for late charge related to utility billing

6.    Code change to consider written minutes

7.    Trail signage


III.     Public Comments - none





V.        Adjournment

         With no further business, the February 17, 2014 Town Meeting was adjourned at 10:03 p.m.