Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

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Title 15: Buildings and Construction 

15.04 Building and Land Use Permits
15.08 Numbering of Buildings
15.12 Plumbing Code
15.20 County Grading and Sediment Control
15.21 Stormwater Management Control
15.24 Trailers
15.28 Floodplain Management Regulations


15.20.010 County regulations adopted.

The "Grading and Sediment Control Ordinance" of Frederick County, Maryland is adopted in full force and effect in the incorporated town of Emmitsburg, and Frederick County is granted authority within the town and may fully enforce all said legal provisions. (Ord. 77-1 1)


15.21.010 County regulations adopted.

  1. The Frederick County, Maryland stormwater management ordinance No. 01-10-284, Frederick County Code, Chapter 1-15.2, any regulations promulgated thereunder, and any future amendments thereto, are hereby adopted by the town of Emmitsburg as the Emmitsburg stormwater management ordinance with the following exceptions:

  1. In Section 1-15.2-2(25), the words "county attorney" shall be followed by the words "or town attorney" and the words "board of commissioners" shall be followed by the words "or mayor and board of commissioners."

  2. The following is added as Section 1-15.2-2(53): town means the town of Emmitsburg, Maryland.

  3. The words "or town" shall be inserted after the word "county" in the following sections: 1-15.2-9; 1-15.2-11(1)(A); 1-15.2-19(2)(B); 1-15.2-27; 1-15.2-50; 1-15.2-51(1); 1-15.2-52(1)(b) and (d); 1-15.2-52(2); 1-15.2-52(4); 1-15.2-63.

  4. Any infraction of this ordinance shall be considered a civil or criminal violation of the Emmitsburg municipal code and may be enforced in the same manner as set forth in Sections 1-15.2-61 and 1-15.2-62.

  1. Frederick County is authorized to administer and enforce the provisions of said stormwater management ordinance within the corporate limits of the town of Emmitsburg.

    Nothing herein shall limit or restrict the right of the town of Emmitsburg from requiring additional or more restrictive conditions for stormwater management; provided, however, that Frederick County shall not be obligated to enforce any such additional or more restrictive conditions. (Ord. 01-18 1)


15.24.010 Definitions.

Trailer. Trailer means any motorized or non-motorized vehicle or similar portable structure other than a mobile home as defined in section 17.04.020 of this code having no foundation other than wheels, jacks or skirting and not which is used for short-term human occupancy, for the carrying of materials, goods, or objects, or as a temporary office.  (Ord. 11-16) (Prior code Art. XI 3(A))

15.24.020 Stopping or parking trailers.

  1. Compliance With Section. It is unlawful, within the town limits, for any person to park any trailer on any public street or other public place, or on any tract of land owned or leased by any person, occupied or unoccupied, within the town except as hereinafter provided.

  2. Emergency or Temporary Stopping or Parking. Emergency or temporary stopping or parking is permitted on any street for not longer than two hours subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations or limitations imposed by the traffic, any parking regulations or ordinances for that street.

  3. A trailer used to deliver equipment to a construction site or work site for use on the site may be parked on the site or the adjacent public street, but may not be parked on a public street overnight. (Ord. 11-16) (Prior  code Art. XI 3(B))

  4. A trailer which is used as a temporary construction office may be located on a site, after securing a permit to do so from the town. A storage trailer for use on the construction site during the construction period may be parked on the site; however, it may not be parked on a public street.

    E. A trailer may not be used as a storage shed in any zoning district, except as provided in paragraph D.

    F. No person shall use or occupy a trailer as either a temporary or permanent residence on property on which there is also situated a residential dwelling unit, or any other lot or property.

    G. Any trailer parked on a public street or on a privately-owned property must have a valid vehicle registration.

    H. A trailer parked or stored on privately-owned property in a residential zoning district must be registered to the owner(s) of the property on which the trailer is parked or stored; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply in circumstances in which the owner of the trailer is a bona fide visitor of the property owner. Parking of a trailer belonging to a bona fide visitor(s) shall not exceed seven (7) consecutive days, and not more than a total of fourteen (14) days in any six month period.


15.24.030 Enforcement.

Any violation or failure to comply with the requirements of this chapter shall be a municipal infraction and may be enforced as such. Prior to issuing any citation for a violation, a "notification of violation" will be issued by the town and mailed to the owner of the property on which the violation is occurring or to the owner or lessor of the trailer. In the event that any such person shall fail or refuse to comply with such notice and abate the infraction, the town may issue a citation to the offender and impose a fine of up to seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per day. Each day that the infraction continues shall be a separate infraction. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit the town from taking any other enforcement measures permitted by law or in equity.  (Ord. 11-16)(Prior code Art. XI 3(C))

(Prior code Art. XI 3(D)(E)(G)


15.04 Building and Land Use Permits
15.08 Numbering of Buildings
15.12 Plumbing Code
15.20 County Grading and Sediment Control
15.24 Trailers and Trailer Camps
15.28 Floodplain Management Regulations

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